TOMAHAWKING SPIDERS FOR TRESPASSING | Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair (Reupload)

TOMAHAWKING SPIDERS FOR TRESPASSING | Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair (Reupload)


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Heavenly (Light Pink):
DigitalVagrant (Red):
Stretchy (Blue):
Jello (Turquoise):
Badda (Baby Blue):
Skullker (Dark Pink):
Booger (Sand):
Kublikong (Purple):
Herboku (Green):
Bing (Flesh Color):
Eekaj (Orange):


Mainly just music from EDF, but the outro is:

Lupus Nocte – Nothing for Me:

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32 Responses

  1. TheRussianBadger says:

    sorry guys had to reupload this because youtube age restricted the first time

  2. Austin Henderson says:

    Badger got tired of hearing people complain about waiting between vids, so he decided to re-upload the same vid to keep them entertained… Absolutely based badger.

  3. Noah Duke says:

    16:15 This is perhaps the biggest difference between EDF4.1 and EDF5. In 5 you progress *mostly* with the class you are playing, but you do also make progress in all of the other classes with armor and weapons.
    Also, they took out the amazing chant in 4.1 and replaced it with straight up trash.

  4. Saint Dane says:

    0:50 I love how you can have all of this diversity between the classes and their guns,
    Or you can just pick Fencer and take a nuke on a stick and go to town

  5. Theonewholives 5 says:

    The moment you see wing diver and realize what probably got the last video age restriction. And realize that there are already dozens of reaction videos with the original outfit that probably will have no consequences whatsoever and want to strangle the entire YouTube development and advertising teams with their own intestines.

    • Operator Coyote says:

      YouTube will see something moderately sexual, and age restrict it. It’s bullshit for YouTube to police others people’s content to that degree, when it should just be up to parents for that stuff

  6. Generic Alias says:

    It took me this long to realize that badger didn’t mention how much you can gib enemies, like each individual joint and connection can be turned into an additional piece of cover

  7. Classic Media Room says:

    14:47 He can go even *FASTER* If you combine a specific version of one of those spike launchers at 14:37 with a hammer. Constantly launch the spike and spam space and you can boost almost twice as often as the hammer/shield combo

  8. Null Voided says:

    I’m here watching this, laughing my ass off and enjoying the utter chaos that comes with the joys of a group of SSS-Tier memelords being friends and doing stupid stuff

    Truly a joy and blessing to witness

  9. Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access says:

    8:06 Ahh, THAT’S why it got age restricted. For those unaware, the wingdivers apparently make EXCESSIVELY EROTIC noises when spiderwebbed. Badger included a sample of that right here in his original video. Also, apparently the booba shown in their game model was too spicy for youtube.

    • Fox Mask says:

      Now I had that figured out, but I just thought about the implications. So, a character in skin tight suits making Hanime noises is less acceptable than a character in school uniforms making (less, granted) Hanime noises. I’m starting to have a bad feeling about Youtube’s intentions…

    • Dr. Catshark says:

      All he changed was just the scenes with wing diver

    • cameron renteria says:

      the wing diver was too spicy for the youtube guidelines

    • Niken Sarintem Official says:

      Also he changed his suit

  10. Shadow says:

    Sucks that badger had to remove the “special anime” tab joke about the sky divers, that part made me laugh non-stop

    Also, I love the fact that within 12 hours badger not only got 457k views on a re-upload, but it’s already the 14th on trending for gaming.

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