Tommy Smothers Walks Out As Johnny | Carson Tonight Show

Tommy Smothers Walks Out As Johnny | Carson Tonight Show

Original Airdate: February 20th, 1992
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27 Responses

  1. @loose-arrow-garage says:

    Tommy’s impression of Johnny Carson was spot on. He even looks a lot like Johnny! Rest in Peace Tommy.

  2. @Mark-pp7jy says:

    Always pleasant memories, and a yearning for what once was. Johnny, Ed, Doc, The Smothers Brothers, Don Rickles, and so, so many more. What a time! May you rest in peace Tommy! ✌️♥️

    • @EinsteinsHair says:

      On the show, New Years Day, 1975, Johnny realized that the year 2000 was only 25 years away and, “We’ll all live to see it.” He was right, they all did, and Doc Severinson is still hanging in there at 96!

  3. @keymusic says:

    So glad I got to meet Tommy about 12 years ago. He was at a restaurant in Westlake Village CA I was playing at. We were outside talking to him on a break. I asked if he was still doing the yo-yo thing. He said yes and actually pulled a yo-yo out of his sock and starting doing tricks. This actually happened. Totally funny and super nice guy.

  4. @loge10 says:

    Very poignant when Dick says “wherever I am, Tommy is near”. The loss must be devastating… my deepest condolences to you and your families, Dick – and to all of us to whom you both were such a major part of our lives so long ago…

  5. @cmclaren7 says:

    I’ve never laughed so hard while mourning the death of a beloved comedian. Thank you, Tommy, for all the years of making me laugh while making me think. You paved the way for so many of today’s intellectual funny people. Rest is laughter.

  6. @sandraandrews9907 says:

    I so remember this, and I just couldn’t get over the spot-on impression. Ironically, he & his brother received the Johnny Carson Comedy Legend Award last year from the Great American Comedy Festival. Now he can do this again with Johnny & Ed . RIP to these three comedic giants 🙏✝️🎶🎤🎸🎶🎤🎤🎭🌈

  7. @robertleslie2467 says:

    Always loved the Smothers brothers since I was a kid growing up in the 60’s. They had done the baby national policy joke for years and this was just as funny as I heard it the first time. Mom always liked Dickie best but Tommy was the funniest. True talent from those brothers. I heard today that Tommy is gone. I’ll see you soon enough Tommy and you’ll make me laugh again!

  8. @kccountrykid says:

    Such a funny & creative pair. Tommy was hilarious, and his impersonation of Johnny is great! I always hate to lose vestiges of my childhood.

  9. @sandmanwinks3306 says:

    a time when you actually needed talent to be on television

  10. @Rubiastraify says:

    Thanks for the memories, Dick and Tommy! You really socked it to the networks, and were at the cutting edge of comedy and satire! RIP Tommy! Love ya both!

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