Today we’re at Gordon Ramsay’s Street Kitchen, where for £17 you can eat as much pizza as you like for two hours…what’s more, they keep score of the record number of slices eaten by a single customer in one sitting, and if you can best it, you get your name atop the leaderboard and some free swag!

Originally, I was under the impression that the record was 18 slices (because that’s what it says on the restaurant’s website) but upon catching a glimpse of the leaderboard…I soon discovered that the record was actually a much more formidable 38 slices…

I’ve got a crew with me for today’s video, which I know some people don’t particularly like, since everything feels a little different, but it’s a nice change of pace and more than anything a necessity when filming an episode where the staff members are serving food from start to finish….either way, I hope you enjoy it 🙂

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33 Responses

  1. BeardMeatsFood says:

    Evening all! Thanks for joining me for another episode. I’m indebted to you all for coming back so often to watch the videos; it really means a lot…

    I filmed tonight’s with a crew, which I know isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s always a nice change of pace, especially when the staff are serving up food from start to finish. I hope you enjoy it, but either way feel free to let me know down in the old comments section.

    I hope I’ll see you this time next week when we’ll be trekking through New England in search of gluttonous glory…and free t-shirts.

    ‘Til then, stay insatiable, lots of love, your old mate BMF ❤️

    *Also, for the record, this video is not sponsored. I don’t do sponsored/commissioned content of any kind, just for clarity. For some reason whenever I shoot with a crew, I notice a few comments suggesting I’ve taken a bung or something…I haven’t…I don’t…wrong channel 😆

  2. Haunted says:

    Love how the staff is working with him, knowing he can dominate the record. “Start up the reactor bois!” Lmao, love it.

  3. HotSauceRoss says:

    Man you make some great content. Not much of a food watcher anymore but always tap in on your videos. You got a great personality and seem down to earth.

  4. xmod2 says:

    11:25 This waiter is such a master. Even during an eating competition he asks how you like your food while your mouth is full.

  5. Tom Murry says:

    I’m starting to think that a majority of the people that watch these videos are watching for the same reason I am. I honestly don’t care about how much food you eat or how fast you eat but you are so incredibly interesting, you engage with your viewers as they’re watching it and maybe even more importantly, you make sure to express your gratitude to the staff of the places where you’re eating. You are as grateful for and appreciative of the staff of the places you’re eating as you are of the food.

  6. Derek Saluga says:

    Beard needs to do this LIVE STREAM and let the audience pick his next pizza for him. 🙂 I can see all the mushroom pizza orders coming in now!!!!

  7. greasedwedgie says:

    Love watching both Beards content and Gordon Ramsey’s content. Would love to see the video where Gordon and Beard make a video. Gordon could create something stunning and Beard could inhale 26 servings of it. The back and forth would be fantastic

  8. Chris Walker says:

    £17 for all you can eat pizza is actually incredibly good value given that most places typically charge anything from £10 to £15 for one pizza.

  9. Kirintal says:

    Okay those pizzas look really good. I want to eat there, I won’t beat the challenge, but I’m pretty sure I can get through one and a half.

    • infinite death says:

      Max I could do is 2 pizzas, and that’s if I haven’t eaten all day. I’ve eaten 2 pizzas at once before, and it’s definitely my limit.

  10. Max S says:

    That pizza looks immaculate man. Made me hungry with those crunches.

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