Turning The Nightmare To A Dream (Part 2)

Turning The Nightmare To A Dream (Part 2)

Thank you all so much. None of this would be possible without you and the love you’ve shown.

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Launching MONDAY 01/17/22 3pm PST

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24 Responses

  1. Amiyah Vaughn says:

    I’m glad your setting an example for your daughter to show her anything is possible no matter what you are truly a role model and you inspire many

  2. Miranda Flatbush says:

    Shyla is literally making a movement for women right now. I’m here for it!

    • Sumaya Hassen says:


    • Yuna💋 says:

      🅟︎🅡︎🅘︎🅥︎🅐︎🅣︎🅔︎ 🅢︎e̶🅧︎⤵️
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      Youtube: これは大丈夫です
      誰か: 「ヘック」と言う
      Youtube: なくなって
      #しかし #わたし #私は愛する #そのような #漁師 #面白い #楽しい #若い女性 #面白い #垃圾

    • Miranda Flatbush says:

      @jenni williams she told her truth and was open about everything while showing she keeps going no matter what for herself and her daughter.. now that’s strength. She’s uplifting women that went through the similar experiences as her and is saying “follow your passion and be true to your purpose”.
      AMAZING. Now that’s a movement. Bravo Shyla.

    • Los_Ninis09 says:

      @jenni williams bro you’re watching them on YouTube you don’t know them in person you really don’t know who’s actually lying

    • Isaiah Acosta says:

      then she hits us with her brand, its kinda hard not to support especially when you see how strong the CEO is and what the company stands for..

  3. Let g says:

    I’m so sorry about your sister🥺 I can’t even imagine losing mine. I know she’s looking down at you smiling and will continue adding fuel to your passion 🔥 You got this babe. May God bless you beyond abundance this year ❤️

  4. saaruh says:

    THIS is how you heal and get through a messy situation. You don’t get on private jets and try to show off and go on dates and do whatever else extra BS Landon is doing. Try to be better. She’s clearly on a path. Go shyla 🎉

    • emesias pkz says:

      Yeah.. exactly he just show up like his brother and end up nothing but she knew how to make it through and shines bright like a diamond he’s gonna regret her..

    • Jessica Rodriguez and Lily Rodriguez says:

      All Landon is doing is getting pics from google and posting them to his social media

    • Ashleyann Soto says:

      Exactly 👏🏼 you don’t post a video worrying about if u still got game with girls or dating just like he did. No ! You work on you like she did and this is just so inspiring and good for her and Souline ✨

    • Celine Winslow says:

      THIS. EXACTLY🔥🔥🔥

  5. Seamless. T says:

    I love this version of her I can tell she is walking in her true essence I love to see it keep going what a way to motivate other women.

  6. Mar De verneuil says:

    There is million things I could say, but I don’t know how to express it, I want to say that I’m so proud of you and that I’m ready to support your business.

  7. Melanesia Canady says:

    I’m not a single mother, but I was raised by one, badass strong and tough one!! With that being said, I will most definitely support your business!! Myself and my 13 year old will definitely were your clothes. Blessings and God’s Grace!! Congratulations 🎉!!

  8. Cristina Michelle says:

    The fact that shyla is using her channel instead of the l&s channel, which has a lot of subscribers and could reach a lot of people, is showing maturity and independency. Woman power right here ❤️❤️

    • Life as Ava Fan Edits says:

      @Cindy Leclerc no this isn’t L&S channel just look up THIS IS L&S and you will see their old channel they just deleted all videos except one

    • Alex Gzz says:

      Cause Landon kept it lol

    • Vanessa Sierra says:

      @Life as Ava Fan Edits lol what she’s saying is she could’ve used their old channel and deleted everything, and posted these videos on there. But she started all new, from 0 subscribers.

    • Life as Ava Fan Edits says:

      @Vanessa Sierra I know what she’s saying. The person I was talking to deleted their comment that was saying this channel is the old L&S channel

    • Celine Winslow says:

      This but also there are likely many haters on that other channel already and she definitely doesn’t need that. So, yes.. for her to make and use her own is incredible and it’s going to grow✨✨

  9. jaz says:

    she is glowingg. so empowering to see her excited for her future and all that she has accomplished, regarding all she has gone through. THIS is how you inspire other people and set such an amazing role model for your daughter. wow. you go girl!!

  10. Desi Perkins says:

    You go girl 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 So inspiring

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