Twitch’s Big Announcement

Twitch’s Big Announcement

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This Video Took 1 Takes

#mogulmail #ludwig

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36 Responses

  1. Robbin Rams says:

    I dont watch the news. I watch Mogul mail.

  2. MonkStarling says:

    Ludwig’s change to Youtube has aged like fine wine
    And it’s only been a couple of years, imagine what will happen in 5+ years.

    • Vaughn Loto says:

      He’s killing it, honestly. Just on his main channel alone, he’s got high numbers on long form content so that means he’s good at retaining his audience in the long run, he still got high ccvs and viewership on streams, and his YT Shorts always gets pushed by the algorithm so he’s funneling in more viewers by the day.

    • Doofy says:

      Here is the full clip: that explains

    • Urd-Vidan says:

      YouTube are still assholes, but yeah, Twitch seems like a sinking ship.

    • Garry Dimas A says:

      ​@Urd-Vidan basically Youtube just do a minor make-up here and there while Twitch just fumble bigly. The amount of controversial policies they made just cement the thought to diversify even more now.

    • Imagine Finding This Channel says:

      ​@Urd-Vidan i mean YouTube doesn’t have the insensitive to be great, they just need to be better compared to twitch

  3. Peter Collin says:

    Youtube should give the guys at Twitch that made this a raise

  4. J Woshy says:

    Twitch CEO should win youtube live employee of the month award for pushing so many creators over

  5. Red Spy says:

    The problem is that Twitch can (and likely will) use this rule as an excuse to ban streamers that they personally don’t like. Their track record is abhorrent, and I have no doubt that we’ll continue to see more examples of unequal moderation in the coming years.

  6. Slicing Onions says:

    Twitch continues to assure ludwig he made the right decision when switching platforms

  7. unrealdustin says:

    Considering that the CEO just said in an interview that they don’t care if large streamers leave because it’ll drive viewers to smaller streams, this is completely on brand.

    • Lena Çakir says:

      No one is on Twitch because they are Twitch fans. They go because they are [INSERT FAVORED CONTENT CREATOR] fans.

    • LilBitsDK says:

      and that is where they are wrong… people (most of them) will follow the creator they love to watch… they don’t give a F about Twitch… it is just a means to watch what they want… there are other places to watch without all this BS…

    • Flaming Wolf says:

      @LilBitsDK Hard to say tbh, I think it’s more of a situation where if the #1 streamer in a category leaves then maybe a few will follow, but a lot will just go to the next best thing (Most people at the #1 already have a decent YouTube following). The problem with this change is that it’s not going to just be #1, but possibly #1-30 as well. Whole organizations and groups leaving will do an insane amount of damage.

    • David Mdertu says:

      ​@LilBitsDK “there are other places to watch” where? Give me a few examples that match twitch in terms of functionality and reach.

  8. Untold Tales says:

    This feels like one of those situations where later on they rollback the logo and banner restrictions but keep the burned-in ad ban to make it seem like they are listening to feedback, all the while that was their plan the whole time.

    • Charles Mechanicus says:

      “we have listened to both streamers and viewers and we are rolling back a few changes and making adjustments to…”
      *rubs palms together* this was our plan all along.

    • Adam Savage says:

      @Charles Mechanicus thats what he said but with extra steps

    • Flanneryschickens says:

      I think you’re right

    • InSomnia DrEvil says:

      If that was planned it would be even dumber. Bad PR for pretty much nothing?
      Just say that you are, similar to other plattforms (youtube wink wink), introducing xyz.

  9. Jo Yaknow says:

    This isn’t Twitch stopping paying streamers. This is Twitch actively trying to take money from Streamers for their own.

  10. Cursed Code says:

    In retrospect Ludwig leaving Twitch for YouTube was the best thing he’s ever done

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