UFC 294 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 3

UFC 294 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 3

Featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski arrives in Abu Dhabi. Lightweight champ Islam Makhachev melds basketball with Sambo. Kamaru Usman and Khamzat Chimaev do intense workouts, then have a virtual sitdown with Chael Sonnen. Don’t miss UFC 294 on Saturday, October 21.

UFC 294: Makhachev vs Volkanovski 2 main card action kicks off at 2pm ET / 11am PT! HOW TO WATCH? Link 👉 https://ufc.ac/3PY0MfT


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55 Responses

  1. Maria Heredia says:

    This is the only main event/co-main event where the fighters rep “the anytime, anywhere and any weight class” statement in a while thanks UFC for this epic card!

  2. SaintGTX says:

    Amazing card this turned out to be! Everyone is confident in themselves but you can also see the respect they have for each other. It’s gonna be fireworks!!!

    • Dopamineinkk says:

      It’s actually nice for a change to see professionals in every aspect. None of the Conor or Colby WWE bs

    • Tony Maccaroni says:

      Not everyone. I don’t see much respect from Makachev towards Volk

    • Rosén says:

      @Tony MaccaroniIt’s because he is scared😂 Volk finna destroy him

    • Abdirahman Osman says:

      ​@rosen3965 bruh he just wanna promote the fight I’m sure he respect him he even said he respect for taking this fight y’all are kids don’t understand anything u see thier first fight after the fight thy respect each other

  3. TaNk T0P MaStEr says:

    Much respect to all of these high level athletes and champions. As a fan of the sport i appreciate these guys putting it all on the line to make such an epic card happen!

  4. P K 123 says:

    Respect to Usman: He’s stepping up to a serious challenge. It’s crazy that if that head kick from Leon didn’t land, he likely wouldn’t be there.

    • Red Ball says:

      Yeah, he would fight with Borz in Autumn 2022, because Khamzat win on Berns and was #2 in welterweights

    • FULCUM says:

      @Red Ballno cuz they wanted him to fight Diaz for the a tittle shot but he missed weight which messed up his chances

    • Conor Dunne says:

      @MW2 what’s your point? Be sure he’s a former nothing he’s doesn’t need to be shown respect? The guys a beast. Respect him and any man who gets in the cage.

    • Cloudlight says:

      I don’t think this is a smart move for Usman to fight fresh Chimaev in middle weight on short notice. He is of course an absolute badass for taking this fight
      and I truly hope it doesn’t end bad for him.

    • DogeBoss96 says:

      Funny how that works , oh yeah ufc is rigged I forgot , y’all just never wake up 😂

  5. BOŽJI BLOK says:

    I respect the fact that Volk as soon as he got off the flight was fresh and ready to talk to us and inform us as much as he can. Just proves how tough these guys actually are.

    • Jack Vv says:

      Volk destroyed max, then changed weight class to fight Islam then changed weight class again and smashed a champion then changed weight class again to fight with less than 2 weeks notice, he will go down in history as a GOAT

    • Luke Tony Denham says:

      I mean yeah he probably just slept for 10 hours no doubt he’d be fresh

    • PhilGerb93 says:

      ​​@Luke Tony DenhamI was about to say that traveling 10+ hours in a plane is a pain in the ass, but then remembered that he’s rich as fuck and probably flying in first class so yeah, he probably slept like a baby in there.

    • SPREIK says:

      @PhilGerb93depends on the person to be honest, I fly business class and can’t sleep on a plane to save my life. My friends can, but even then, timezones and jet lag still play a factor

    • Bob Zacamano says:


      Sure you do tough guy. Coach is more like it 😂😂😂😂

  6. arsalan ahmed says:

    It’s so hard to root against Volk, he’s the best fighter in the world but you can tell he treats every single member of the team like a fun big brother, no one gets treated even a bit differently

    • Jack Vv says:

      Volk is the true king, he made 155 for the backup of Justin and Charles, then smashed max at 45, then fought Islam at 55 then went back to 45 and destroyed a champ and now he’s come back to 55 on less than 2 weeks notice after just having surgery and will probably go back to 45 and smash someone else in a few weeks. All the other champs only fight 1-2 times a year if your lucky

    • Just Chill says:

      Guys you don’t need to pick smallest things about a fighter to compliment him. Its corny.

    • Zetrasis says:

      @Just Chillhating for no reason at all

  7. Jeremiah King says:

    Everyone this fight week to me is extremely confident. You can just feel it and they all have there own right to be. Such high level competition like the highest it gets. It just comes down to grit and who has that dog in them to get it done. Let the best men win this weekend. Even under the Main and Co-Main event.

    • Rozy Larks says:

      Usman has one foot out the door. He’s thinking about his next few fights, and what it’d be like to leave the sport. Khamzat is in a whole different place. He’s going to maul Usman.

    • cerealkilla says:

      its not like they sat on the couch not doing anything, they’ve been in the gym even when they dont have fights booked

    • Dylan Portillo says:


    • Johno 808 says:

      @Rozy Larks popped his knee fights in jeopardy heard it here first.

    • Chris Griffin says:

      Tony Ferguson is a one trick pony! his wins

      • Journeyman Kevin Lee with staph infection
      • Journeyman Edson Barboza with illegal upkick that changed course of the fight
      • 36 year old Cowboy Cerrone who fought 4 weeks earlier in a 5 round war vs Al Iaquinta lost his next fight
      • Rafael Dos Anjos who was depleted & suffering from the IV Ban, KO’d by Eddie Alvarez in his last fight and moved to 170 right after. Pre-IV Ban RDA would’ve smoked him.
      • Washed Pettis who lost to Nate Diaz & Diego Ferreira right after fighting Tony
      • Split decision with journeyman Danny Castillo
      • short notice Journeyman Lando Vanatta who almost KO’d him

      he isn’t the boogeyman u all think he is! only casuals disagree! prime eddie, dustin, mj (already did), Justin (already did), Conor, Pre-IV Ban RDA & Dustin all destroy him, even in his prime

  8. Muzakir Lone says:

    Khamzat VS Usman will be a banger mark my words. Performance of night contender

  9. Al Pacino says:

    Might be more hype about Usman and Khamzat than the main event! And that sounds crazy

  10. Luke Shaw says:

    Khamzat’s face during the interview with Usman💀💀💀

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