UFC 296: Pre-Fight Press Conference

UFC 296: Pre-Fight Press Conference

Watch the UFC 296: Pre-Fight Press Conference live on Thursday at 8pm ET / 5pm PT featuring main card fighters Leon Edwards, Colby Covington, Alexandre Pantoja, Brandon Royval and more!

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40 Responses

  1. @DanielRamirez-ko6cq says:

    This press conference is so insane I literally can’t even imagine what it would have been like if Ian Gary had actually showed up

  2. @Need-You-Tonight says:

    Just imagine if they had Strickland , Ian Gary, and Izzy on the podium with Colby!! That would’ve been insanity!!

  3. @TheDXJC56 says:

    Yo big ups to Leon for actually hitting someone with the water bottle he threw I swear 99% of the time it’s a miss 😂

  4. @kimkong86 says:

    Omg the way Wonderboy responded to Colbys crazy trash talk was just pure class.👌

    • @pranav2222 says:

      ‪It was light trolling 😂 He respects Wonderboy

    • @kimkong86 says:

      @@pranav2222 well, calling someone a pedofile is not for everyone. I agree it was not more fun than hostile but you know most fighters would have attacked him back.

    • @ahmedw5 says:

      @@pranav2222 Calling Wonderboy a pedophile was out of pocket.

    • @hibernopithecus7500 says:

      @@pranav2222Light trolling? Ian Garry’s taken no end of shit for calling Magny a child beater. But Colby calling Wonderboy a pedo is “light trolling”?!?!?
      Make that make sense!

  5. @popeye5274 says:

    Stephen Thompson handled that stab from Colby pretty well.

  6. @93mspallo says:

    Tony v Paddy is literally my last two brain cells arguing with each other before I fall asleep 😭

    • @Roberts810 says:

      I’m still confused why Tony is worried about over doin the cardio. I always thought Tony had good cardio. Hope he pulls it off but I’m afraid he is to far past his prime.

    • @Perfectparlays says:

      @@Roberts810you answered your own question, he’s easy past his prime that’s why his gas tank ain’t what it is anymore

    • @Roberts810 says:

      @@Perfectparlays I get that part but it’s only a 3 round fight and I wouldn’t think cardio would be a main issue fighting paddy. You are right i know his cardio isn’t close to what it was. Guess I just kinda assume Tony would still have 3 rounds in him fairly easy. I just wanna see Tony win!! I wonder if it’s goes the distance or can paddy stop Tony?

  7. @JamesSaleMedia says:

    Tony & Colby going from unknowns to sworn enemies to closest allies in less than a minute.

  8. @obitouchiha9573 says:

    YEEEES!!!! Colby and Tony from mocking each other to best friends in 5 seconds. A legendary moment, it should be put in the ufc hall of fame.

  9. @lonzoball7318 says:

    Ian garry being there would have made this the greatest press conference ever.

  10. @bobby6204 says:

    Colby opened the presser like a champ

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