UFC 5 First Look Trailer | Gameplay & Features

UFC 5 First Look Trailer | Gameplay & Features

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What makes an MMA fight? It’s the stakes, technique, drama, and pure reality of the moment. UFC 5 captures that in more authentic detail than ever before, from next-generation graphics upgrades that give gameplay animations new life, damage systems that marry the brutality and strategy of the fight game, gameplay updates that make the action feel even more fluid and realistic, and much more.

For the first time in franchise history, the Frostbite™ engine powers EA SPORTS UFC, bringing unrivaled graphics upgrades for console games. From dynamic lighting and overhauled character fidelity to realistic strand hair and cloth animations — Frostbite helps bring the action in the Octagon to life.

Players asked for it; we answered. Online Career includes skill-based matchmaking, division progression, and title chases across four divisions. Players can compete with a different Created Fighter in each division, allowing players to showcase multiple character customizations and Vanity Items.

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48 Responses

  1. Sean Reilly says:

    Grappling has always been an issue. They always make something that looks great, but striking in the clinch and on the ground has always been an issue. Undisputed 3 always had striking system that has been very impactful. EA always made it limited. Hopefully that changes here as well as the hard impact slams. And the cage sits.

  2. Billy Bearham says:

    Visually, a massive improvement. But the gameplay mechanics are the EXACT same if not slower? I’m ngl you know they’re coping when they call ‘referee interactions’ a new feature..

  3. Lost_Luis_0 says:

    I think they might speed up the fluidity of strikes so it doesn’t feel slow later throughout the game. My favorite feature is probably the seamless submission it’s so good. My flaws are just the speed of the strikes so they don’t look robotic and the ground and pound. I saw fluid elbows and hammerfists so I hope it’s there. Plus if there are options to different camera angles I’ll be happy cuz I want it with that UFC 2 angle view

    Edit: It took me 11 hrs later to see the “Game not final” in the beginning. Smh

  4. Nomad says:

    How can Undisputed 3 still be the best UFC game 11 years later? The grappling alone on that game absolutely blows EAs games out of the water.

    • Andrew Sneck says:

      Yes undisputed 3 is tuned up for max… control, gameplay

    • Phillyair says:

      game was way ahead of its time fr

    • ZETAR says:

      Undisputed 3 and Ufc 2. ufc 2 was the best ea ufc game by far. Everything that came after was a maximum downgrade. It’s a shame that they didn’t orientate themselves from UFC 2. no words. No matter EA probably won’t be the only studio making MMA games in the future

    • Nomad says:

      Agreed, and EA UFC 2 was the last one I consistently played and enjoyed. I just played online, great memories. But still, the grappling even on that game wasn’t great. I always think though, what would certain games be like if they just continued to build on the foundation of past games. Like what would an Undisputed franchise be like now if they consistently made games every few years from Undisputed 3 (2012) to now? Just building and improving over the years.

    • ZETAR says:

      @Nomad yeah but the striking system in ufc 2 was just good👏🏻 fluid, fast, realistic.

  5. hjo rydu says:

    UFC 4 was 3 years ago. We can wait to have a great game 3 years later, a lot of work.
    But don’t forget, it’s EA…

    • Matthew Ginther says:

      It’s just going to be UFC 4 on a different engine, with like 3 new features, but 5 older features made worse… but it’s on Frostbite!

    • Matthew Johnson says:

      Yea but they also got that new engine, i wouldn’t be surprised if they had some of the employees who worked on the engine did some of the work too. Just helps is all

    • dillon conners says:

      ​@matthewginther7382 don’t forget, they brought such LOVED features like slow, clunky strike animations that only work in scripted combos, and everyone’s favorite, the posture up timer! You know, so you can spend a whole 5 seconds raining down all the hell amd fury of a wet pool noodle on your opponents before the game forces you back to being tied up with the bottom opponent. No skill needed from the bottom player of course.

    • Kaleb says:

      ​@Matthew Johnsonthey didn’t though it’s a known fact original devs of Frostbite don’t even work for DICE/EA anymore same thing for all EA games that’s why almost every Frostbite game that’s released in the last 5 years has gotten horrible reviews

  6. dhuun says:

    They definitely reused some of the animations, although hooks look a bit cleaner now IMO. Ragdoll KOs making a comeback? Hopefully. I like the whole damage system, the fighters face getting red in a submission hold is also a nice touch. They could lower the opacity of the tattoos, so it doesn’t look like the fighters just came out of a tattoo studio. I wish they could add infrequent arm breaks in a kimura for example. That would add that nice oomph to an already cool submission. Also online career mode? Could be worrisome.

  7. Snooze says:

    hopefully we get the beta a few days after this trailer 🙏🏽

  8. Gunmetal Leech says:

    Pros: New Submissions, doctor stoppages, ref interactions, draws.

    Cons: animations look almost identical to 4, Coach Davis (enough said), the ground and pound has not changed.

  9. The Lord of Gaming says:

    Bro I actually really liked that seamless submission system looks so smooth and flowy

  10. Jhonatan Rocha says:

    Ansioso para a chegada do UFC 5 , pois o 4 é um ótimo jogo , no UFC 5 espero que o modo carreira tenha mais nomes , pois ficar inventando nome é complicado 🤣🤣

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