THE RETURN | Ryan Garcia vs. Oscar Duarte Fight Highlights

THE RETURN | Ryan Garcia vs. Oscar Duarte Fight Highlights

December 2, 2023 — Fight highlights of Ryan Garcia vs. Oscar Duarte from Houston, Texas. @AutoZone

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33 Responses

  1. @stozavo6991 says:

    If Ryan could work that right hand he’d be so deadly!

    • @antwanallen3316 says:

      He is deadly but see it’s easy to say it in comments than doing it frfr… the moment he throws that hand duerte is going to fire back if he’s close enough he’s just waiting for Ryan to mess up so he can get that punch on that jaw Ryan did smart and not let him cause Ryan is my boy but he can’t take a punch

    • @bluevo9663 says:

      After running away for 8 rounds.

    • @kaylabrown7609 says:

      @@bluevo9663literally what tank did then hit em with a liver shot.

  2. @FernandoMosqueda-xb7fx says:

    Ryan and Derrick James both needed this win. And Derrick guided him the right way that’s dope.

    • @subz3ro43 says:

      That was Floyd Derrick james train his fighters to rush in not run around like Ryan u don’t see Errol moving around

  3. @gabrielcabutotan8309 says:

    I’m liking all these positive improvements not only in Ryan’s game but also in his personal life. He’s cutting off all the toxic yes men around him and even Oscar. Apparently, Golden Boy couldn’t even get into Ryan’s lockeroom before the fight

  4. @lemonade1234ful says:

    The fight with Tank really woke up Ryan! Hes respecting his opponent and fighting to win and not be impatient. Well done!

  5. @SvenCuppen says:

    He has been working on his defence , this fight was just a number. It was an opportunity for him to perform what he learned outside the ring in the ring, he probably kept to the game plan of bringing it in the ring, keeping himself calm and collected and not rushing in like with tank. He is on the right path.

  6. @Swankavelii says:

    Glad to see Ryan back in action !! He keeps getting better with his footwork now he just needs to keep working on that defense

  7. @Lilmonke_586 says:

    You don’t have to like the guy you can’t deny how physically talented he is. He’s still young and has time to hone his skills. He has so much potential it would be cool to see him reach it.

    • @jaimep3432 says:

      He fought a nobody in a lower weight class.

    • @Ishbikes says:

      Yea, I guess. The gottdamn bar is so low..that’s all boxing fans should expect huh? Lilmonk, you’re the reason the fights are like this..

    • @dc-plo491 says:

      @@Ishbikes- brother, he is coming back from a loss, this is how boxing works. You quickly forgot that he just lost to a top 10 lb per lb fighter? If Ryan was on a winning streak, or even a champion, there should be no reason for him to fight Duarte, but this is a confidence rebuilder. Its ok, you won’t understand because you are part of the “now” generation, you want everything now

    • @Mayra_Chvz says:

      ​@@jaimep3432you’re right, he was a nobody, but he was a top contender. He was on the c side, an up an coming riser, he wasn’t big, but he wasn’t overlooked. He had both power and technique.

    • @jordancdj says:

      And unlike a lot of other fighter he is not ducking which a lot boxing fans complain about other fighters doing. In that aspect you gotta respect him, whether you like him or not. Unless your hate outweighs your objectivity, which a lot of people have a hard time with.

  8. @ghostofet says:

    Now Ryan can do both offense and defense very well. As a result, he became the boxer who is difficult to fight with.

    • @TruthGetsTold says:

      Still gotta work on head movement and right hand and legs and more before he becomes a prob and if he gains strength more with that hand speed he will be avoided I say Ryan should fight a lot of different styles to warm up his new skills

    • @Jessie-pc2tr says:

      @@TruthGetsToldsays who? What have you achieved in boxing?

    • @AverageCurt says:

      ​@@Jessie-pc2trjust giving an opinion to what he witnessed. It’s not a fact so no need to get upset. Insert an opinion of your own to counter his and maybe just maybe you might change his mind, or the minds of many. It’s not healthy to jump into a defensive stance on a topic based off how you feel. It’s toxic.

    • @robsmith9093 says:

      His offense is trash. He had so many opportunities to counter and fire back while in the “Philly Shell”. I wasn’t impressed by this performance at all.

  9. @LightLifeLove124 says:

    This is the Ryan that I admire as a boxer. He is a better defender and he is using his legs more and he seems to be more sharper, quicker and stronger. Let’s go Ryan!

  10. @FILTHYGENTLEMEN-dt8te says:

    Incredible performance. Speed, agility and adapting and making adjustments during this fight was impressive to watch. Ryan can only get better.

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