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40 Responses

  1. mrnigelng says:

    Uncle Roger social credit score -999
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  2. Martin Villanueva 🇹🇼 says:

    You know you’re a good comedian if you upset an entire government lol

  3. Levi Yeo says:

    I like how positive uncle Roger is to even advertise his show even in the toughest moments when he is so called ‘cancelled’

    • laserwolf65 says:

      You can only be cancelled if you care what people think. When you dgaf, no one can cancel you.

    • Zach 1993 says:

      @laserwolf65 Depends if they harass your employers and get you fired. For the average joe, it’s pretty real.

    • YUNG TYE says:

      @laserwolf65unless you get doxed and you have people at your door step, or they find where you work and harass your employer

    • Seth H says:

      Ngl I think he has to somewhat enjoy it. Yeah it probably isn’t great losing social media presence in a country as big as China, but he gets so much publicity off of it and most people think it’s dumb so he’s gonna get a lot of support.

  4. Miss Sunny Side Up says:

    As a satirical stand-up comedian, you should never be afraid of being cancelled by a bunch of angry people, or a COUNTRY. That’s what sketch comedy meant for. Fight for your right, Uncle Roger! Malaysians are proud of you❤

  5. Aquafish Cspeia says:

    Congrats on the lifetime achievement award Uncle Roger! An undisputed flex 👍

    Hope to see more comedians join your ranks. When Chinese people see that everyone is ‘the enemy’, maybe more of them will feel brave enough to do something, say something.

  6. Olav Tetteroo says:

    You know you’re a great country when you have to silence comedians.

  7. Tina Willis' Playlists says:

    Youre doing something right. Being cancelled is a badge of excellence. Congratulations 🎉

  8. Aronics says:

    Uncle Roger really turned his cancelation into a self promotion, what a madman.

  9. AV0ID3D🤺 says:

    This man could never be canceled he’s so fucking wholesome and funny

  10. Random Spidey is Stress says:

    For all these years, it’s really impressive that you only got canceled this time Uncle Roger, that’s an outstanding achievement!

    • Silvano Garcia says:

      Need to cool down the water otherwise we’ll have word war 3 Good sht uncle Roger.

    • Dora Eugenia Gasteazoro says:

      Actually, he got serious backlash a couple of years ago for almost the same thing in reverse. People were upset and tried to cancel him for supporting the Chinese government’s position about Taiwan.

      That’s kind of funny in an ironic way: damned if you do. Damned if you don’t.

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