Uncle Roger Learn INSANE Cowboy Cooking (ft. @CowboyKentRollins)

Uncle Roger Learn INSANE Cowboy Cooking (ft. @CowboyKentRollins)

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33 Responses

  1. Cowboy Kent Rollins says:

    So thankful to have gotten the opportunity to do this with Uncle Roger, We had a great time and he made a great Cowboy Cook, my friend you are welcome in our camp any time

  2. 💘TAP BELOW👇 says:

    “Cows eat grass, i eat cows, therefore, i eat grass so I’m a vegetarian” impeccable logic.

  3. Scrofar says:

    Not even 0.2 seconds of Kent coming and he has immediately stolen my heart. He’s such a cool guy!

  4. LORT says:

    Dude’s just having an absolute blast, laughing at all his jokes, smile on his face, his energy is immaculate

  5. Kim Hackett says:

    This is the crossover episode between two of my favorite food channels that I have always needed, but never realized I needed until this very moment

  6. Chidi Anuforo says:

    I remember Cowboy Kent on The Food Network. It wasn’t Chopped but a different show…with the aprons. Anyway, I’m so glad to see how far he’s come. I remember when he was brand new in the extended cooking world (imo it’s when people who don’t follow cooking know who you are) and I’m just happy for his career. I wish him more and more success and hopefully, one day, I can visit his restaurant.

    • Cowboy Kent Rollins says:

      @chidianuforo3670 thanks so much

    • Clayton Berg says:

      That might have been when he beat bobby flay.

    • Paladonis says:

      Kent was on “Chopped: Grill Masters” and won. He was also on a show called “Throwdown: With Bobby Flay” which was basically Bobby going to different chef’s towns and competing against them. I think it was like town hall reps or something that were the judges. This was before the “Beat Bobby Flay” we know today. I might be a bit of a fan lol

    • Jeremy Jones says:

      He was also on a show called Cutthroat Kitchen. He had to cut stuff with a spur… connected to a boot… connected to a mannequin. Hilarious 😂

    • Supervillain725 says:

      Cowboy Kent has a restaurant?

  7. Haji Yasin says:

    Best collab between a wholesome granddad and a humourous uncle

  8. Tim Pindell says:

    Wow, I didn’t think it would happen. It’s better than I imagined, but I was worried Uncle Roger might go a little too far. Nope, you all seemed to truly get along and your face was red most of the video from laughing 🙂 Outstanding colab Kent and Nigel.

  9. Sugar Jay says:

    Absolutely love how much fun Kent was having. Every one of Rogers jokes landed big with him 😂

  10. ThinWhiteAxe says:

    Despite all the ribbing this episode felt super wholesome 😂

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