are you mad at me?

are you mad at me?


chamberlain coffee,

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filmed and edited by emma chamberlain
featuring my friends, jared ellner and owen thiele
and my cats, declan and frankie chamberlain

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23 Responses

  1. Iker Unzu says:

    how can we be mad at you?! i’m so happy you took this break.

  2. keziah says:

    Tell me why I started crying when Emma was making nut milk. So beautiful and calming. I missed you Emma.

    • Izzy says:

      This is genuinely the funniest comment ever and I don’t know whether you intended that, but if you did you are a genius

  3. Luke says:

    we havent had a video showing her friends in years. this video brought back her relatability for me lowkey. i hope she keeps doing videos like this.

  4. Pepper Nelson says:

    I felt sad with her being alone all day it looked lonely. I’m glad we got to see her with friends

    • Nicole Em says:

      don’t feel sad !! ❤️ i relate to emma in the way that i enjoy being alone more than the majority of people. so don’t feel bad, it is probably just her way of happily recharging 🙂 it rlly is so wholesome to see her hanging w her friends tho !! emma + friends content is always top tier

    • nBr cNm says:

      believe me she’s not alone she makes it look like that also like she’s soooooo soooo rich dont be sorry for rich ppl lol

  5. Bethany Yarmesch says:

    She never changes, she’s always herself. The world has not changed her and it’s beautiful. What a rare, authentic human. 💚

  6. Ren DeFor says:

    It always shocks me how cinematically these videos are made. They’re filmed and edited so well.

  7. No Reply says:

    The vibes of emma’s videos are sooo good, it feels like watching your favorite movie from 10 years ago.

  8. anabellasambriz says:

    I love when YouTubers post videos that feel sentimental and homey, this content just always feels so cozy and nostalgic

  9. Lumine says:

    She really seems so much happier with these friends, I’m happy she finally found her crowd! 🙂

  10. Teresa Nguyen says:

    The way emma vlogs and story tells/chats with us is a masterpiece

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