UNHhhh ep 202 – Domesticity

UNHhhh ep 202 – Domesticity

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Trixie and Katya are back from tour and ready to settle into their new homes. They discuss the intimate and boring details of owning a home and the best way to meet your new neighbors. They are the “real” housewives of West Hollywood.

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Produced by
Pete Williams

Edited by
Jeff Maccubbin
Ron Hill
Paul Detrick

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47 Responses

  1. Rachel Frumkin says:

    Trixie’s response to neighbor introduction is so Midwestern and Katya’s is so east coast. Trixie: Just go over and say hi and bring them food. Katya: I am not eating food from someone I don’t know.

    • Raq says:

      my thoughts exactly!!! i’m with katya 100% i couldn’t care less about the neighbors they’re none of my business

    • Maddie B. says:

      @Constant Chaosit’s clearly a joke display name. Samhain is one word so it’s a pun to separate it into something that could be a real name. Also why would you bring that up in a public thread, it’s not a good place to chat socially

    • Maddie B. says:

      @Rotemnope?! Have you ever been anywhere? I mean you might be right a bit, but the rest of us are also right. You can’t discredit regional differences

    • Dylan Snow says:

      I would have taken the cookies but not since covid lol.

    • Lars G. says:

      Where I live you bring bread and salt to new neighbours. Cultural differences. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  2. Omnom says:

    I just love that David Silver is still represented by a blow up doll all these years later.

  3. Daniel Enríquez says:

    Ru-haul as the name of a moving company and “B*ch you betta move,” as the slogan is effing brilliant.

  4. Nick C says:

    I imagine Katya’s house has a dedicated smoking-and-watching Dune room, and Trixie’s has a Barbie DJ booth installed in the kitchen.

  5. Javier Figueroa says:

    Over the years I’ve noticed Katya has developed Trixie’s hand clap when she laughs and her “shut the f*** up” when they think something funny

  6. CAPTAIN CLOCK says:

    Thank you to Pete for giving the audience everything they wanted, right in the beginning of the episode.

  7. Wyatt Benett says:

    It’s so comforting to see Katya return to her Baltic-villager roots. She looks like a Christmas tree skirt, love it.

  8. cris says:

    Katya’s dress is sheer perfection

  9. Erik says:

    I cannot believe Katya made that amazing dress

  10. Diego Spader says:

    this has to be one of the most chaotic eps in a long time, i love it. i had to pause a few times to process what i had just heard. plus they look stunning, i love katya’s dress. p.s.: a little scared of trixie asking katya not to scream at her

    • Bil says:

      Same, beginning with Katya’s hair bloom.

    • Lil_rezdawg says:

      was one of the pauses to reflect on trixie’s constant ignorant opinions about straight ppl having sex? like gurrll… please, just let the women make noises and not ask questions😂

    • Constant Chaos says:

      I kept having to pause since the text on screen was never made with dyslexic people in mind that shita there for 0.4 seconds at best lmfao

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