Video released of Memphis police beating Tyre Nichols

Video released of Memphis police beating Tyre Nichols

olice bodycam footage released Friday night shows Tyre Nichols, a 29-year-old Black man from Memphis, being beaten by five police officers during a traffic stop back on January 7. He died three days later,

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48 Responses

  1. KBF 26 says:

    This is so sad. It’s ridiculous the world we live in. Praying for his family🙏🏾

    • Simone Smith says:

      @react aerospace He wasn’t no criminal, Why you assuming shit? And he didn’t break any laws, and if he did arrest him and let him have his day in Court. But I assume you are a Jeffrey Dahmer type weirdo Racist White Boy! And Charlie Manson is Your God, Punk!!

    • Dodo says:

      What is wrong with America? All seems too often

    • react aerospace says:

      Bro the criminal gets up and runs away, wtf 😂

  2. Pastor Angel says:

    Unfortunately, this is what this Country has become. Imagine these same officers stopping innocent people and issuing tickets to them without any human feelings at all. The way they behave like God because they have badges is worrisome. What a world we live in today. My heart goes out to the family and the next family that will go through this because {unfortunately}, it’s going to keep happening.

    • Patricia Eason says:

      This is not lack of training ,I’m sure they didn’t trained them to do this ,these officers had no humanity is hard to trained people who have lion heart there so many decent policemen and the bad ones just gave force a bad name , we all have to support the good police officers and don’t put them in the same basket

    • Alex Brufladt says:

      Has become? Where the fuck have you been? What do you think the watts riots in 1965 were about? What do you think fuck the police by NWA in 1988 was about? What do you think the rodney king riots in 1992 were about? or did you just now choose to pay attention.

    • H Born says:

      Did he fight them

    • Bobby A says:

      Imagine there’s no law enforcement at all in America. 💆

    • Jose Ochoa says:

      @yourmomsspermdonor Not saying it hasn’t. Now that officers have body cams, I would like to see the initial point of contact and everything that lead to this point

  3. Krazy Mama says:

    Prayers and condolences goes out to this young man’s family, especially his mother. She’s an angel being able to pray for the ones who carelessly took her baby. She’s a better woman than I am cause my heart would be filled with hate and anger. I can’t imagine the hurt she feels.

  4. jen5487 says:

    They enjoyed it and that makes it that much more disgusting. Listening to their adrenaline filled recaps while he laid their fighting for his life makes my stomach turn. My prayers go out to the family.

    • VanSile says:

      @S P Sorry for your encounter, so you to have been manhandled by the police as I have. No, their training does not teach them to beat someone to death and I agree that their training is to just restrain. It’s just that this victim was not following orders and had he complied with the demands of the police when he was first pulled from the car, he would be alive today. Since you and I have had similar experiences with this, I hope you would agree with me. I have business dealings and live by one of the most dangerous cities in the country. If I mentioned the name of the city you would agree with me but that is not important here. The police have a tough job and are dealing with very dangerous people all the time in my city so I understand how difficult their job is. Will you agree with me that this victim would still be alive if he followed the commands of the police when he was first pulled from the car? Since you and I have been both through this and survived, I would hope you would understand my point.

    • S P says:

      @Alex Jay Assumptions, assumptions. You know that old saying….when you assume you make an ass…. Look in the mirror, Alex. If you don’t own one, try a pool of water. Conversation over, done arguing with your over the internet. Hope your continue to survive your future police encounters and behave as they ask you to.

    • S P says:

      @VanSile I’ve also been in a very similar situation as you two decades ago, where our car matched the description the cops were looking for. 7 – 8 squad cars arrived, guns drawn, sat us on the ground 1 by 1 and thoroughly searched us. Let us go after mumbling a bunch of random codes and didn’t apologize. Lucky we survived, but should that be the standard? Why normalize this type of experience? The young man ran because he feared for his life and felt he was being attacked by a mob, he was crying for his mom as they attacked him. The cops are supposed to be trained and paid professionals right? Do their training teach them to beat someone to death? No, it only trains them to restraint someone.

    • Alex Jay says:

      @S P police dont pull over random ppl and start gang beating them no reason 🤣 think before you speak

    • Alex Jay says:

      @S P I dont know Tyre but obviously the cops do by typing in his plate and seeing his list of violent offenses and they respond accordingly with who they’re dealing with

  5. Cisco Carrizales says:

    Sickening to think they thought they’d get away with this. Prayers to the families. Smh. 😔

    • Alex Jay says:

      @BG the media trying to paint Tyre like some innocent church boy just goin home to his Mama and you brain dead sheeple react with emotion without thinking about the reason

    • BG says:

      @Alex Jay you should do research before you make stupid comments. Fuck officer safety ever heard of citizen safety?

    • Alex Jay says:

      @BG i don’t know the circumstances the cops were under…the guy could have endangered the safety of the police officers out there with reckless stupidity, in which case cops obviously go ballistic

    • BG says:

      @Alex Jay if you justify these actions there’s a special place in hell for you.

    • Alex Jay says:

      @BG how come you ppl never blame the criminal for anything ?

  6. Jose D Gonzalez says:

    This is so horrible and disgusting, this cops need to be in prison immediately. How does a traffic stop ends the life of this young man, and where is the compassion for he’s pleading and begging huh? This have to stop right now, is unacceptable and against all human civil rights. RIP Mr. Tyre Nichols, may the Lord hold you in he’s safe hands and surround yourself with eternal peace, love, and harmony among the angels of heaven.

    • Spartan Dodge says:

      As we find out more and more about this incident I believe we will see a demonstration of a “Perfect Storm” of details that escalated in a way that could be avoided with training and sensibilities. This is not our perfect country we tend to rely too heavily on, not our perfect world, not who we want to be. It’s going to take some serious leadership and compassion. We can grow better if we try.

    • MOB408209 says:

      @YinzTube because he beat himself to death right you talking about?

    • Lucie Riley says:

      @YinzTube he ran cause they were beating him.

    • Rebecca Burdo says:

      @YinzTube wow! So you’re saying that he should have just let them pull him out of his car and beat him? I’d like to see you comply with that brutality. Cops use the power given to them however their morals dictate. When those in Authority are bullies this is what happens.

    • Nick Webb says:

      @YinzTubeyou’re stupidly shows from that comment. Yes he ran from fear of those cops. Did that give them the right to beat the man to death? No

  7. Harold English says:

    I was a cop in Georgia in the 1990’s after 6 years of Army Infantry. I then re enlisted after 9/11 and retired, all Infantry. I’ve seen people beat, blown up, shot etc… this is the most brutal beating I’ve ever seen in the name of law, order, justice. Tyre was needless beaten to death, period.
    Horrible way to die.

    • Jennifer Zemlansky says:

      @Arch Stanton EXACTLY…YOU are not seeing the other video. The police body cam video shows the POLICE rush the car and rip him out and put him on the ground within SECONDS of Tyre stopping. Tyre did NOTHING to justify that initial aggression by the police.

    • Kdm Gabs says:

      @J how are you going to say that when the police officers in this video gang up and beat a man to death? Literally delusional, cops die more from their own lack of self care than from being on the job

    • D33Lux says:

      What’s most disgusting is how cops wear a badge, uniform, take that FAKE oath with no honour behind it, and pretend to care about the people they swore an oath to protect and serve.

    • Arch Stanton says:

      @Gavin Shuell I responded but my comment also said mention fi- zur and there is a blackout from Google on that video

    • Arch Stanton says:

      @Nicholas Gatti Some are very bad. But most do good. I wish I was more left leaning because I could use language like you do and not get deleted.

  8. PJ Nix says:

    I’m sick to my stomach. Absolutely the saddest thing I’ve seen on a screen. I’m so sorry for this man’s pain. God rest his sweet soul.

    • Greenay Harris says:

      Exactly I can’t even eat. I’m literally nauseous.

    • s.g.luckey says:

      Let that be a reminder. Don’t resist arrest

    • David Hardcore says:

      Pj clearly doesn’t get on the internet much if this is the saddest thing they’ve ever seen on a screen.

    • Lord-MarroKing says:

      Although this is terrible. It is not the saddest. I just saw a story about a 13 year old getting killed over his shoes. A good kid that did nothing wrong but go to the store on his own ends up dead. Or how about a mother gets killed in front of her children after a road rage incident. But a guy resisting is the saddest? Stop living under a rock and maybe you’ll see there are worst things out there.

    • thegreendank1 says:

      How old are you? Im 44 and I’ve seen a lot of horrible sruff on my screen. The tv/phone is omly there to feed ypu horrible news, or shows that make you forget that you’re wasting away in front of a screen. Screens hardly ever bring good unless its a video call from a friend or family member. Go camping, walk barefoot in the grass, have a get together with friends and family. Times ticking…….

  9. Robert Davis says:

    This is one of those situations where you have a hard time believing what you are seeing. It´s as though they had something personal against him. Unbelievable!!

    • Perry Lee says:

      @Moises Espinoza its never an open and shut case though they have trials and sometimes it takes years for them then to sentence them to years in hail when they should get the fucking death penalty

    • Spartan Dodge says:

      @sumner midgett Not sure, but I think he was speeding trying to escape, causing a dangerous situation. So the original call was for dangerous life threatening evasion of officers perhaps?

    • Moises Espinoza says:

      @Perry Lee a prisoner is worth way more the a dead one , that’s mass murderer is open and shut case which means to te state is just another cow ! And I’m sure there’s more to the story the news do not cover ,

    • Latricia Moore says:

      @YinzTube you can’t be serious after watching what you just saw running is no reason to do to someone what they did to this young man I don’t even know why I’m responding to you your a bot anyway

    • Anthony J says:

      @Abalus Dumblydore He’s one of the mindless.. don’t expect a meaningful reply. to be honest these type of people make my blood boil.

  10. Tanisha Davis says:

    I’m praying for his family, this is heartbreaking to hear, watch and try to understand what happened/what went wrong🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

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