Watch his reaction when he’s told he’s a GOOD BOY for the first time

Watch his reaction when he’s told he’s a GOOD BOY for the first time

Special thanks to all of you for the support so we can help him and Sundays for Dogs for agreeing to my idea to feed him for an entire year! Get it for your dog with this exclusive Black Friday / Cyber Monday limited time deal use code ROCKY60 👉 Get 60% off:

🐶JOIN to support and be a part of what I am doing:

Thank you Animal Friends of the Valley’s for helping him. Please no calls or emails to the shelter so we don’t overwhelm him but if you live close stop in. You can even put a hold on him if you want to be the first in line to adopt him once he is released for adoption. Updates will be here as they come in:

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23 Responses

  1. Rocky Kanaka says:

    Leave a comment and love and support for this boy and share with everyone you know so we can spread the word about him. I am going to personally make sure we get him back on track. ❤🤙

    • Belinda Turner says:

      The first piece of treat you gave him I saw the fear leave his eyes immediately you weren’t facing him so you didn’t see it but it was immediately and his head swung around in the direction you were sitting he is going to be an amazing family member to someone. Thank you for all you do Rocky really breaks my heart see so many needing homes and being in a situation of not understanding what abandonment is and scared to death and those who abused animals of any sort shame on you to hurt God’s beautiful creatures if an animal can know its name and I mean every animal they have the intelligence to know when they are abused

    • Hixxy Ted says:

      Rocky how can I donate to this dog just send some money for a few treats and nice blanket please I’m in the UK and he’s just breaking my ❤

    • Hixxy Ted says:

      Or Just few toy’s Keep him busy

    • Dia Pricea says:

      His nose is scraped, bleeding, why?

  2. Adriana Abbott says:

    You can see how loving he is, even with everything he’s gone through, he still giving little licks and kisses.

  3. Teslinjoe says:

    He’s 2-3 years old, unneutered, with an apparently neglectful owner — who can possibly expect that he wouldn’t have ended up in this situation? His beauty and sweet nature are so strong that they shine right through the terrible condition that he’s in. I really hope his future is as bright and solid as he deserves it to be.

  4. Donna Abrams says:

    No matter how badly they’re treated, they still light up with just a little bit of kindness. Dogs are too good for us. Thank you for every dog you help.

    • Teija Flink says:

      This boy looked so sad but they forgive so easily if you just show little bit of love and a treat, they are too forgiving.

    • s Pea says:

      Forgiveness means he can heal.

      Too forgiving isn’t even a thing. This guy wasn’t the one that harmed him. No forgiveness required. He is open hearted which means he can survive. ❤️🌌

  5. Keira Owens says:

    I loved the way you explained the squat before sitting. You taking responsibility for potentially invoking fear rather than blaming an “aggressive dog”. While maintaining your own safety you’re still honouring the dogs lived experience. I just really appreciate that level of respect you have for the dogs that you sit with.

  6. S N says:

    this is so heartbreaking, he seems like such a sweet boy, I hope he gets a good home who can give him the love and care he needs and deserves.

  7. Golgibaby says:

    Did you see the light turn on in him when you affirmed he is a good boy? How honest and sincere and life affirmingly desperately heartbreaking it was? Man. Jesus.

  8. Perdiddle Panskew says:

    Even with his obvious neglect he is such a gentle dog.

  9. Sophie K says:

    I’m sending good vibes to this dog. His soulful eyes are so beautiful. He has been through a lot, hope he finds a loving, forever home or a foster that helps in his healing process. I so wish I could adopt him.

  10. Fay B says:

    His tail wag is priceless, he is going to be beautiful when he gets the nutrition he needs. He also needs a better name!

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