We Ate EVERYTHING At DISNEYLAND! My Family Comes To Los Angeles!!!

We Ate EVERYTHING At DISNEYLAND! My Family Comes To Los Angeles!!!

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27 Responses

  1. Steph B says:

    I love the fact that your family and Shane’s blend together so well! So happy to see Shane’s mom, Jarid and Sandy celebrating with you and your whole fam!! ♥️♥️ so wholesome!!!

  2. ErikTheElectric says:

    Happy belated Birthday Ryland! 🎉

    (those beignets are so 🔥, I inhaled a couple the last time I was at Disney) 😂

  3. Faith Hladik says:

    the Disneyland castle is also aurora’s castle whereas the Disney World castle is cinderella’s castle, which is way bigger.

    • Missgrace97 says:

      Are you able to go into the castle like how you can in Disneyland?

    • Lisa Sharp says:

      @Missgrace97yes, there is more in the castle at Disney World.

    • Kristine S says:

      @Missgrace97 Yes Disney Worlds castle is better imo. They have a beautiful room you can spend the night in and its def bigger than Auroras Castle

    • gloomgirl says:

      I remember we had breakfast with Cinderella in the castle in Disney world-it was huge!! (Many years ago) I was so confused by this, thank you for explaining👀

    • Susie1711 says:

      And it was the 1st castle. Of course the others were done bigger and better. I love our original castle tho.

  4. Rylee Walstad says:

    As a pregnant woman, that pickle hotdog deal sounds delicious

  5. Noel says:

    you and shane have been killing it with the content lately & im grateful for it ❤

  6. Your friend says:

    Videos including your family are my favorite they never fail to put a smile on my face lol

  7. Bruzer Bites says:

    My only complaint Ryland, the vlog wasn’t long enough lol!! This was so fun and always love the family vlogs. Thanks for taking us along. Happy Birthday to you and Austin.🎂

  8. Emma Argyle says:

    You know it’s a good week when Ryland uploads

  9. teenacharm says:

    2 vids from Shane back to back and now this. Such a treat!

  10. Tara1016 says:

    The way they knew the Lemon Queen was coming to stay at their hotel and blessed him with their Lemon Suite we love to see it!

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