We Built a Twin Turbo Ram TRX For Trailer Racing

We Built a Twin Turbo Ram TRX For Trailer Racing

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We Built a Twin Turbo Ram TRX For Trailer Racing
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24 Responses

  1. Benjamin Franklinn says:

    Can we just appreciate this man never click Baits us.

  2. Scott W says:

    I love that Westen truly appreciated the value of jeep and what the dude was doing with it.

  3. Becky Alonso Profile says:

    Leave it to Westen to set the bar high. Literally the best video I’ve seen all year… and it’s going to be hard one to beat.

  4. Grind Hard Plumbing Co says:

    What in incredible build! Good work Westen!

  5. Jefferson Cook says:

    I love how he’s surprised his 1000hp truck doesn’t grip up in the grass🤣 I love this channel

  6. King Jojo says:

    Westen always coming out with some crazy a** builds

  7. Jesse Sager says:

    The automotive gods gotta be smiling ear to ear with this monster! It’s a rototiller and a race truck! Love it Westen!!

  8. Lil Cumstain664 says:

    Weston: “Is that a safe power level?”
    Tuner: “Well it’s not knocking”☠️

  9. Zanoviz says:

    I love the amount of humbleness Westen has, just appreciating that guys jeep and having fun. LOVE IT

  10. Captain Crankshaft says:

    That thing is sick! Great work

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