We Dropped 100,000 Ping Pong Balls From ARENA ROOF!

We Dropped 100,000 Ping Pong Balls From ARENA ROOF!

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26 Responses

  1. Dark says:

    Love how it’s never clickbait with these guys, it’s always the real deal.

    • LSD Leigh's Silver Designs says:

      @Austin Miller I’d assume it takes quite abit of time alone to make these viddys for sure , let alone the design of these feats of awesomeness 👌. But you’re right everyone wants to see more content, as do I. But we must never lose sight of what comes ahead!!!. LOOK OUT!!! ITS A BOUNCY BALL!!!!! LOL

    • youtube commentator says:

      It never is.

    • J T says:

      I think that’s because they think of some sort of clickbaity title first then make it happen so it won’t be click bait.

    • youtube commentator says:

      @J T so you’re saying if I make a pseudo click bait click bait screen shot I’ll rake your likes in?

    • Kim Raudenbush says:

      Actually, there was ONE episode that had a clickbait thumbnail. BUT ONLY ONE. A very early trick-flip viddy. Look for the banana standing on end.

  2. Brooks Holt says:

    Not gonna lie, all the ping pong balls in that stack at the beginning gave me cheeseball vibes and now I’m hungry

  3. tygrkhat40 says:

    The first slowie of the balls coming down looked like a fireball coming at you, a moment of darkness as it envelops you, then the flaming tail. Amazing.

  4. Brendan Campbell says:

    Just as he said “I’ve got this high-pitched noise in my ear. Kind of like-” my brother came screaming down the stairs and nothing has ever been funnier

  5. 10th letter says:

    “We are just gonna chuck a handful (of pingpong balls) in for free”

    I hope we all died laughing there, just crazy

  6. DeMoNiC pEpPa PiG says:

    When Brett said “speaking of bundle of joy lads”, i thought he was gonna say that his wife was gonna have a third baby

  7. TheMaster22 says:

    This is one of the most beautiful episodes of you guys! Absolutely gorgeous to watch <3

  8. Eric Erickson says:

    One of the greatest drops ever. The 100K was amazing to watch underneath. It was almost like traveling in lava, fire, or a type of orange bloodstream. Love the slowies.

  9. already in the wind says:

    I’ve been thinking about buying merch from you guys for a while now, and as soon as you said you’ll throw in some free ping pong balls, I knew today was the day! I just got a rex keychain, and I will cherish him greatly. You guys are awesome! How ridiculous

  10. Coyotish says:

    This brings a whole new meaning to “balls dropped”

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