We Finally Watched Nukie: The VHS Grading Video

We Finally Watched Nukie: The VHS Grading Video

e-Bay listing for Nukie: https://www.ebay.com/itm/225324479952

There’s been a growing trend in VHS collecting, which has created an entirely new market for professional VHS grading, very similar to what’s been happening with video game cartridge grading. As the owner’s of 1000s of crappy VHS tapes, we were curious to dig deeper into this trend, as well as examine what makes something valuable and collectible. This all culminated in us taking a deeper look into our collection of Nukie tapes. Everything always leads to Nukie.

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35 Responses

  1. meme one says:

    RLM talking about their genuine love for the things they’ve collected over the years is a breath of fresh air in the climate of cynical speculation

    • Josias Lourenço says:


      12:14 Make every effort to live in peace with all men and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord.


      3:19 Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord,

      James 2:24,26

      Ye see then how that by works a man is justified, and not by faith only. For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.

    • Cinnamon Noir says:

      A lot of people seem to forget that the price of collectibles is based almost exclusively on sentimental value, and it’s quite rare that any particular item will have greater sentimental value for a new owner than it did for the original collector.

      That’s why almost every yard sale ends with more than half of the stuff back in the saleholder’s house. Either the original price on it is way too high (meaning the owner sort of subconsciously doesn’t want to sell it) or the owner takes it out of the sale because he or she quite _consciously_ doesn’t actually want to sell it.

    • Google made me do it says:

      @Josh H I remember some guy coming up to me while working (in a supermarket, mind you) some years ago and he tried to sell me all his bitcoin for just a few hundred euro. I also knew crypto was a scam, but it would probably have given me some extra even with the current prices. Kinda crazy how people are still defending such an obvious scam.

    • User Account says:

      I look for people who believe in their investments as they’ve already done the hardest part for me when its time to scam them.

    • Josh H says:

      @Google made me do it hell no, I knew crypto was a fool’s game back when bitcoin cost $10. Silly me.

  2. Strange Scott Voice Acting says:

    As someone who collects VHS, I can tell you there’s a lot of us who hate the VHS grading system. I agree with RLM, it’s not like VHS is the best quality video, it’s literally a nostalgia thing for me. But it’s also a cheaper way for me to enjoy entertainment. Some of us still buy the tapes for watching, not just for shelving like some trading card. We like that the hobby has been cheap for so many years and people are starting this grading system to make big profit off of some movies that really aren’t worth it. That’s not to say I don’t have unopened tapes, but I wouldn’t scam someone for thousands of dollars for my unopened copy of Pete’s Dragon. Most tapes I buy, I still plan to watch, I just buy unopened for preserving the tape as long as possible. I actually just bought one of my biggest hauls this last week. Almost 30 tapes of Monty Python for about $90. One of the sets is even a publicity screener. All of them are sealed but I plan to watch them when they come in.

    • wingsandash says:

      As you should. I hate people who manipulate human nature and suck the fun and intended purpose out of as many items they can.

    • Strange Scott Voice Acting says:

      @cleftintwain I just moved into an apartment this year and had to get a Roku TV. The living room has a Hitachi model VCR with HDMI converter, but in our rec room we have a Sanyo VCR/DVD player. I do have a small CRTV in storage but I need a coaxial to connect that one.

      With the living room TV, watching certain tapes isn’t great. Especially films with a lot of dark scenes. But the smaller TV in our rec room is passable.

    • Strange Scott Voice Acting says:

      @Kasey Ain’t no damn way, lol its a boxset of their Live shows. Hollywood Bowl, Aspen, and Parrot Sketch Not Included.

    • cleftintwain says:

      What kind of TV do you watch your VHS tapes on? I have been a physical media collector since the 1980s and at one point had a decent sized VHS collection. I had a CRT TV with a built in VCR up until around 2010. Once that TV died I just gave up on the format. I couldn’t stand watching VHS on a 1080p TV. The picture quality and audio were just awful.

  3. Aleksandar Jovic says:

    The ridiculous bid on this auction is ironically going to inflate the cost of VHS tapes… or maybe this was their plan all along: a 20 year long game of making ” “funny” youtube videos” and building up a fanbase, only to have “their fans” send in their PRICELESS (literally, they’re worth 0) VHS tapes — now this is their exit strategy, to sell this collection after they created the market bubble… I knew they were grifters back when I saw the Phantom Menace review (back when it was 6 parts on the web1.0 website) — actually, now that I think about it, the RLM “characters” were always grifters: remember when Mr. McCaulkin scammed the New York hotel with a STOLEN CREDIT CARD.

    • Adrian Fitzpatrick says:

      @Josias Lourenço yes mate, why don’t you have a nice sit down 👏

    • Adrian Fitzpatrick says:

      @Joel Martinsson underrated comment. 👏

    • NatePilgrim says:

      Maybe you are right. Len Kabasinski movies must be a front for some more shady business, and the canadians could be hauling illegal stuff from across the border, perhaps that premium maple syrup, which is forbidden in the US

    • Morgan2317 says:

      @DantesGrill they’re doing this with LEGO too now. Every 12 year old to 45 year old bought a lego 501st troopers set so they could resell it. But if everyone is hoarding the set then where’s the demand and other things. Now sets in general are viewed as investments. It’s sad to see as someone who views things as needing to be used

  4. Claudiu Zugravu says:

    75 grand as of now. If someone DOES end up actually buying it for an insane amount, there may just be enough left over for Mike to finally bring back the Dodo

  5. KrispyMoist says:

    Red Letter Media is peak comedy and quality and will forever be the top channel on YouTube.

  6. Dave Rhodes says:

    It’s a real shame too. Not long ago, video game and video tape collectors were buying them because they wanted to have the game/tape, either to play it, or because they had some attachment to it. Speculators are ruining all of that and the older collectors are getting priced out by people who are just buying things to sell them.

    • John Plays Games says:

      @Dylan Boe No, actually it’s both. Yes, the system that allows them to run rampant is the core of the problem and needs to be fixed (“how” is a question that gets trickier) but the outsider money people swooping in to some hobby or market and artificially raising prices to ridiculous levels is the other part of the problem. Sure, there’s no law against people taking an opportunity when they see it but we’re talking about the first wave of people engineering the illusion of demand in order to manipulate a market and gouge people for more than the item they’re selling is actually worth. There’s definitely responsibility (and a question of common decency) there and the fact that they’re squeezing through loopholes and working exploits in a broken system doesn’t make them any less worthy of ire.

      Oh, and the third group to get mad at are the idiots who get caught up in the hysteria and pay the inflated prices in the first place, thereby allowing the speculators to hyperspeed inflate that bubble (as well as encouraging them to continue deploying that strat in various markets). If people just sat back when the prices initially jumped and waited it out, the speculators would bail out and move on to the next thing way faster (and probably lose some money in the process).

      Of course, eventually any bubble just becomes speculators selling to late-arriving/bandwagon speculators… and then the bubble bursts and the latecomers are left holding the bag. People can justify it however they like or blame whomever they like but the fact is that it’s just a big hit-and-run scam game that shameless opportunists repeat over and over in various markets because they know morons with low self-esteem and crippling FOMO will fall for it.

    • John Plays Games says:

      Dude, speculators ruin everything. Just ask anyone who’s tried to buy a decent graphics card since bitcoin mining became a thing. Even after the mining came to an end, the card manufacturers have been slow-walking the price back down in order to maximize those gouge-y profits.

    • Elena Manetta says:

      Especially annoying for a lot of 3D games that don’t emulate perfectly, or well at all. I wanted to play Silent Hill 3 and still have a PS2, but even just “disc, no box” copies can range up to $200. I settled for emulation with some shadow and texture glitches and it sorta sucks to have to resort to that. Now I’m just waiting and hoping fans make a mod pack for the bad PC re-release from many years ago that fixes all the bad ported issues the same way fans did with Silent Hill 2.

    • Boonehams says:

      @Coconut219 As Ross would say, when it comes to stopping the piracy of dead games, there’s no good reasons, only legal ones.

  7. Lionel KJ7OFH says:

    Weirdly educational! Entertaining AF.

  8. Bud Greene says:

    I would love to see the person who wins the auction (already at $75,600) come on the show and run it through the chipper.

  9. Manza Media says:

    The editing in this video was top notch. Reminded me of the BOTW when Mike said that sealed TV dinner boxes could be of some value to someone.

  10. 0 9 says:

    If you’r gonna be a parasite, try to enrich yourself off garbage you found on a dumpster. It’s a very useful tool. -Rich Evans

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