$100,000 GAME OF KNOCKOUT! @RDCworld1 @CashNasty @KOT4Q @DDG @MMG @Swagg @itspikaaa

$100,000 GAME OF KNOCKOUT! @RDCworld1 @CashNasty @KOT4Q @DDG @MMG @Swagg @itspikaaa


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41 Responses

  1. MMG says:

    Lotta grit. Really high motor. That’s all it takes to be a champ 🏅

  2. Crxyz says:

    Just shows that a high grit and high motor really pays off, congrats MMG, a true student of the game

  3. Jordan Nussbaum says:

    My man Kenny was about to pass out if he didn’t get so winded he had a shot 🙏🙏🙏 Kenny still the goat

  4. PÔPE says:

    mmg has such a high motor and showed a lot of grit , well played 🙏🏿

  5. Kenny Chao says:

    Dope event , shout out to HOH

  6. Tyler Looney says:

    MMG has a high motor. Dude just went out there and showed grit. Congrats

  7. To Have [S]EX With Me T[A]P Me!! says:

    mmg has such a high motor and showed a lot of grit , well played

  8. Evin Grindle says:

    If Kenny only had a little bit more stamina…he easily had the best shooting percentage out of anyone here. 🙌 Cash low-key surprised me as well, his jumpshot actually shows a lot of improvement.

  9. ReddWalrusss says:

    MMG showing off the IQ and craftiness. Really knows how to get to his spots. Low mistake. Lots of effort. High motor and plenty of grit. Sneaky athletic.

  10. Asa Dawson says:

    I love how mark casually takes the mic when asked a question

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