We Put a $10,000 Engine in our $500 Civic

We Put a $10,000 Engine in our $500 Civic

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Our $500 Civic gets a $10,000 Honda DC5 Type-R drivetrain.

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27 Responses

  1. Cameron Reeves says:

    Please turn this into another money pit season.

  2. Ben A says:

    i love the genuine joy Adam got from the first firing up of the engine. he was not expecting it to work first try lol

    • Y-Roken Jnr says:

      They got all the big guns in and the power of editing. Be a bit embarrassing if it didn’t.

    • JP says:

      This is why Honda boys are Honda boys… Easy, reliable, screaming engines. Not the fastest, but fun enough for the streets.

    • sandas turner says:

      The starting point for the universal joy/love of jdm cars. They almost never quit, stock.

    • anydaynow says:

      Like like how Gillespie was like “yep, just another swap”. The guy is thee old school Honda swap god, incredible that they got him to come out to help with the swap!

  3. Tilmykillme says:

    No matter how many engine swaps you do, that first startup always feels like magic lol

    • ElGringoMexicano says:

      Bro, I get exited everytime my car starts after I change the oil lol (I’m no expert mechanic by any means) , I can’t imagine how exited I would get on their shoes lol

  4. JAE3MC says:

    You guys have a formidable set of cars man.. from the 350’s to the wrxs to the trucks.. I’d love to see y’all make a race fleet

  5. BoostByYear says:

    Thank you for not splitting this up into episodes! Straight up action packed 💪

  6. Lucy Lucy Taylor says:

    I can’t get enough of Donut content! Been a fan since day one. 🙂 It’s really great seeing this channel reach the heights it has at the moment. Real Mechanic Stuff is a go-to channel for me as well. 😀

  7. Rubberducky13 says:

    I feel like this one episode could’ve been an entire season of money pit, and I for one definitely want to see all of the hard work that went into this car

    • TheEpic RiceMaker says:

      It definitely felt super rushed, but I don’t think a whole season. Q 2-parter feels like it would be the perfect sweet spot for something like this. Maybe do a Friday& Saturday special for it?

    • Luis Gomez says:

      I enjoyed that they did it all in 1 video

    • High Performance Academy says:

      Are you sure it’s rushed, or is it actually just how easy it is to upgrade an old Honda 😉

    • The Dark Elk says:

      @TheEpic RiceMaker I feel all donut videos are rushed now, people dont have the attention span to watch a car transform over a few months of content and would rather have it all in 10 minutes

  8. Dumcanem says:

    donut has been dropping nothing but bangers this month

  9. Surfer Sandman says:

    So glad you are having fun with this. Neat to see all the people coming together to help out.

  10. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    I really enjoyed this episode, it’s making want to get a 5th of 6th gen soooo bad 😅

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