Draymond Green vs. Prime Dennis Rodman 1-on-1 | THE PORTAL S1 E6

Draymond Green vs. Prime Dennis Rodman 1-on-1 | THE PORTAL S1 E6

Defense. Boards. Definitely not dirty fouls…

Two of the defensive GOATs go 1-on-1. Who you got?

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40 Responses

  1. MrLion says:

    LOL Draymond: “How’s your dictator friend?” Rodman: “Oh Mike? We good!” That is a good one.

  2. Muggsy says:

    5-3 final score, 87 rebounds each

  3. MidWest Ent. says:

    I can only imagine the amount of points that’s not gone be scored in this one 😂

  4. Jan felix Gontinas says:

    This game would be

  5. Jantaramiyong Suntriyapas says:

    They won’t finish the game. They call it daw after a 12-hrs of playing, score tied 5-5.
    Both with HOF level of defense and G-League level of offense.

  6. Darrell Da'Emperor Ceasar says:

    I had Rodman Winning Im just surprised they wasn’t kick off the court .. but Rodman dipping off mid game Was Classic 🤣💯.. as a 37yr old man that live and grew up in Chicago I seen him do it many times 🤣💯

  7. Marvin E. says:

    This was the most entertaining episode so far. Roman’s impression was on point😂

    Genius and subtle marketing at the end too👏

  8. HitmanKurt says:

    I love the last dance reference at 1:07 with Rodman anticipating where the rebound will go with his “click, boom, this way”

    So subtle and clever.

    • Manolis Padilla says:

      I believe he been saying that way before the last dance tho. Been a rodman fan for a while

  9. Kirito Kirigaya says:

    I want to see the reaction of Draymond Green on his podcast after watching this.

  10. Aayan Taragi says:

    This was literally the best 1v1 portal episode by farrrr ! Hilarious af😂😂

    • Soulja Boy's Ghost Writer says:

      Yeah this series is one of the best things I have discovered recently and this episode would probably be #1 for me as well. I guess what I like so much about it is that Draymond and Rodman would both find this shit hilarious, I hope they see it.

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