We SPILLED CORN While Loading the Truck! Touring a NEW Hog Barn with Randy

We SPILLED CORN While Loading the Truck! Touring a NEW Hog Barn with Randy

We finished hauling corn to the ethanol plant, and spilled some grain while doing it. After Dad and I cleaned it up, Randy and I went to visit the Big Stone Hutterite Colony near Graceville, MN where they recently built a brand new hog barn. They also built their own feed mill and grain storage facility. A lot of their work is done right on the farm, where they have a metal fabrication shop to do their own work, along with work for customers. They build VERY NICE, high quality stuff!!!

If you’re interested in having them do some work for you, send them an Email at bigstonefabricating@gmail.com

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Zach Johnson, the “Millennial Farmer” is a 5th-generation farmer who’s spent his life growing, working, and learning on his family’s farm. His wit and dry sense of humor appeal to children and adults alike. A product of the millennial generation, his appreciation of new technology blends with his old-fashioned work ethic, and he offers a unique ability to deliver his message in a way that resonates with lifelong farmers as well as those with no knowledge of agriculture. With growing consumer awareness about where their food comes from, Zach has identified the need for an independent voice from the front lines of agriculture. Zach actively promotes agriculture by sharing his day-to-day experiences in the agriculture world while providing farmer-to-farmer education to help facilitate a collaborative conversation between farmers and the public.
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Edited By: Becky Johnson

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21 Responses

  1. thedonleroy says:

    I’ll have to show this to my brother-in-law. He has been raising hogs for over 30 years. He has automation in his barns but nothing like this. I bet he would have enjoyed a walk thru like this. That is quite the operation it looks like.

  2. max nex says:

    It’s amazing, Randy is not just a master pipe layer he knows everything about pigs and names of all the equipment they use….. 🙃🙃

  3. Duane Buck says:

    Zach, you keep making your channel more and more interesting with the different areas that you explore. This was truly a fantastic video with some very good explanations of what the process is for a Hog Barn. I hope that you can continue to show us more places like this – very, very interesting and educational. Thank you and Randy!

  4. Paul Thiessen says:

    Colonies are such an interesting mix of old and new. They live a pretty simple life in some aspects, and use the highest levels technology in others.

    • kyle alder says:

      Farmed surrounded by Colony’s.. have hired them.. had a room mate that was ex Colony.. when you are close enough to see and know the truth .. they are not pure and lovely… .. and if they went into other mainstream businesses with there cheap labour under the discise of religion there would be uproar.. they have ruined many family farms in many areas…

    • Paul Thiessen says:

      @kyle alder they don’t pay them at all. It is a collective colony. Everyone who can works, everyone is part owner.

    • kyle alder says:

      Amazing what you can do with cheap labour ! Ask what they pay there workers in the fabrication shop..

    • Zachary Iverson says:

      I have always loved the idea of colonys. Have lots around here with 10k acres and over 100+ people living off of it! Definitely a simpler life but seems to work.

  5. Larry Davidson says:

    This was one of the most interesting videos I have seen for a long time. Never realized how big these colonies are.

  6. Andy Anderson says:

    I have worked with a Hutterite colony in the past. All of their equipment is top notch. While we build storages out of metal, the colony build theirs with concrete. It’s just amazing the different skills the colony has. From making furniture to making their own potato diggers. And to top it off, they are very good people. Hats off to them.

  7. Larry Lund says:

    The Colony has changed completely since I was there with family and friends in 1966. This is really totally impressive.

    • Paul Thiessen says:

      @Trog Martian they are doing well in Canada as well. I deal with them quite a bit. Some people don’t like them, but like everyone, you need to understand a bit about their culture. To the it’s very important who the BOSS when you deal with them. They have a bit of a pecking order in the colony, and you need to prove who you are before they fully respect you.

    • Trog Martian says:

      I had no idea about the Hutterites and had to look’em up. They immigrated to and settled in America in the mid to late 1800’s to escape persecution in Europe. That they’re here 150 years later and appear to be doing well makes me proud of America, proud to be American and proud that they are American, too. Religious Freedom in action.

    • Jimmy Craig says:

      @B. W Saye in the title, Hutterites.

    • B. W says:

      Are they Mennonite or what?

  8. aj keiffer says:

    As someone who is in the industrial maintenance field working on equipment like this, this set up is fantastic and appears well thought out down to every detail

  9. Jeffrey Anderson says:

    Awesome video Zach it was great to see how a hog farm works

  10. Richard Pierry says:

    You can just tell the people at Big Stone are very talented.

    Thanks MPL, MF, and Mrs MF for the video. 😊🇺🇸

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