spot the pregnant person

spot the pregnant person

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45 Responses

  1. mimansha singh says:

    Cody was born to be a dad,his jokes,his energy,his outfits,everything fits the role

  2. liya00 says:

    cody’s so ready for this he’s been telling dad jokes since 2014

  3. millie3milk says:

    I always thought people were being dramatic when they say this about pregnant women but Kelsey is actually glowing it’s crazy.

    • N says:

      I thought the same, she looks so beautiful

    • Thelema says:

      she looks the exact same

    • frickfrack says:

      With my first 2, that were also boys,I had the glow. My skin was clearer, my hair was shinier, and my pregnancy was easy. I’m pregnant with my 3rd now and it’s been completely opposite. I’m definitely not glowing lol I look like death.
      Idk what the gender is yet, but if I had to guess … not a boy LMAO

    • moo :3 says:

      ​@frickfrackI heard some people saying how girls take away beauty for themselves, while boys don’t LOL

  4. Daya K says:

    “Are you pregnant with emotion” made me laugh way more than it should’ve

  5. Baki says:

    It’s amazing to see cody slowly transition into a dad

  6. Necrotic Ice says:


  7. lanie says:

    That pregnancy glow is insane yall both look so happy

  8. Fiona Rose says:

    CODY! KELSEY! I’m “pregnant” woman #1 and have been a huge fan of yours since pre-that’s cringe days, wow this is so sick! I remember filming this last fall and wondering if you would shoot a reaction or not. thank you for all the years of laughter, truly. I’m based in LA and would love to work together some day:) cheers, and congrats on your baby to be!<3

  9. PureInsanity says:

    The first 20 seconds are gold immediately. Cody’s face at 0:16 to Kelsey’s comment is the real selling point

  10. Delilah says:

    I could predict the joke from the title, Cody’s dad energy is really showing

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