We Stayed At Every Hotel On The Vegas Strip

We Stayed At Every Hotel On The Vegas Strip

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HELLO FRIENDS!! This is the video I threatened to film at some point last year – and finally, it’s here!! We’re big fans of Las Vegas and, in a moment of delirium, decided to stay in every hotel on the strip and provide the internet with a full report of our thoughts – just in case you need it. So, we booked a hotel room at every single one of the 33 casino mega resorts on the Strip – to review the rooms, vibes, and activities at each one. What happens in Vegas, gets uploaded to youtube, as the saying goes. What did you guys think? Which hotels were your favorite?

And yes, we did have to split our adventure into 2 parts! Check out part 2 here: https://youtu.be/3mugPH2_qRo

A quick note – it looks like the Strat price title is missing, we paid $80 there on a Sunday!

Also, when we say “Operated Independently” – we mostly mean, not operated by MGM or Caesars!

Also also – we did receive some comped experiences at Treasure Island, Resorts World, and Circus Circus – but that did not influence our review and we did not promise them positive coverage.

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Safiya Nygaard
Tyler Williams
Dave Szamet
Carrie Roper
Melissa Douglas
Clare Gelber
Jack Scott
Phil Kinney
Elizabeth Pinotti
Mike Pearson III
Steven Yonce
German Torres
Corey Glynn

GFX by Dayana Espinoza

Rachel Faulkner White
Sabrina Ford

0:00 Intro
2:56 Vegas Game Plan
4:48 The Four Seasons
8:04 The Delano
10:01 Mandalay Bay
12:57 The Luxor
17:14 The Excalibur
20:57 New York New York
23:42 Park MGM
25:23 The NoMad
28:13 The Waldorf Astoria
30:12 The Aria
32:18 Bonus Hotel: Vdara
32:47 The Cosmopolitan
36:18 The Bellagio
39:35 Caesars Palace
41:06 The Nobu Hotel
44:01 The Mirage
46:27 Treasure Island
48:58 Resorts World
52:53 Circus Circus
56:13 The Stratosphere

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36 Responses

  1. Safiya Nygaard says:

    HELLO FRIENDS!! which of these hotels were your favorite? i really enjoyed the park mgm! it’s fresh and green and they have a giant tree in the lobby 🌳hope you guys enjoyed the video and you can watch part 2 here now: https://youtu.be/3mugPH2_qRo !! xoxo, saf

    • Shyanne Casper says:

      So I do really really really like that 1 it looks super cute and It does look I also like the 1 that was blow it red 1 can’t remember what the name was but it was really it looked really comfortable and I really like dogs and TVS I meant cats Yeah MGM and the 1 balloon I can’t remember it Keep rocking soft

    • abilola798 says:

      Hey saf what was the price of the strat room?

    • Melsteriffic Mama says:

      I didn’t see a price for the room at the Start?
      Cool video! Very informative and entertaining.

    • jeanannsue says:

      AMAZING content thank you and Tyler so much for making vegas vids

    • Phoebe says:

      We stayed at the Vdara precisely because it was strip adjacent and not directly on it. No casino (but you can just walk to the Aria one), no smoking, and an AMAZING spa. 10/10 hotel lol

  2. AmazingPhil says:

    I am excited for this!!! I hope it ends with you melting every hotel room together

  3. milkte says:

    i love the hotel series because it feels like i’m travelling on a swanky vegas holiday with my boujee parents, safiya and tyler

  4. MercedesBT says:

    Saf is mega spoiling us here with two different hour length videos back to back and I am eternally grateful

  5. Nightmare_Eyes says:

    Um , WOW?!? This isnt a video, this is a straight up documentary! So awesome!

    Also, as someone who has worked in the tourism industry for a while: hotels tend to upgrade people’s room types (among other reasons) when an overbooking happened, meaning your room doesn’t exist, but your reservation does, so in order for the hotel to not lose (much) money, and for you to have someoplace to stay, they upgrade you to a better room. I had to do to those quite a lot for customers myself XD

  6. Reb says:

    That Titanic exhibit is definitely worth going to, the black room with the lights in the distance (16:32) is really eerie, and then the room with the giant iceberg (16:46) is actually quite cold. It’s also really cool (and sad, but immersive for sure) to see the smaller items on display, like jewelry and shoes set in sand like you’re seeing them on the ocean floor. Also the “Big Piece” at 16:35 is an actual piece of the ship, the largest piece ever recovered. You also get a QR code at the beginning assigning you a real person from the ship and you find out if you lived or died by the end of the tour. Kinda dark, but really immersive!

    • ::star girl:: says:

      I went to the titanic exhibit when it came near me some years ago. The person on my ticket died but her children survived 😭

    • Dani says:

      @Kali Moon there’s a box office next to it 😊

    • Kali Moon says:

      Do you recommend buying tix to the exhibit in advance? Or is it pretty walk up friendly

    • Darthmemow 1 says:

      Totally agree! I went with my family about a decade ago to the one in Pigeon Forge, TN and it was amazing. I still have all the “boarding passes” they gave us(this was obviously before they started using QR codes to assign you a passenger lol)

    • Katia Jocelyne says:

      I went in august to the vegas one and i asked if it was meant to be a traveling exhibit and they basically said yeah but no one wants to move it so its staying there

  7. Anita Kowalska says:

    No matter how long Saf is not uploading, she always comes back with a big boom with style and i am not disappointed.

  8. kristi says:

    31:52 & 32:02 omg i designed those bumblebee honey comb columns. Aria showcases multiple artists throughout the year and during the summer it was bumble bee themed. Happy to see some of my work covered although it was said it’s confusing lol

  9. delusional_princess says:

    We need a “what I wore in Vegas” from Saf because the outfits were on point the whole video!

  10. Nisanur says:

    I can’t imagine how EXPENSIVE this trip was

    • Sailor Swashbuckling Savvy says:

      @Christine C. neither is being a nice human and ignoring my one comment amongst thousands, but apparently it’s VERY hard for you

    • xsullengirlx says:

      @lauralanthalasa7 Wrong. Trips are one of the EASIEST things to write off. Youtubers out there trying to write off cars as gifts is much harder. Even people who aren’t youtubers can write off trips, hotels, food and travel on taxes quite easily,

    • Christine C. says:

      ​@Sailor Swashbuckling Savvy though* Actual words aren’t hard.

    • c0rmagg says:

      @lauralanthalasa7 you’re dumb. It’s a tax write off 100% if she paid for it and made a video for it as YouTube documentary/vlogging is her business

    • sabrin AB says:


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