WE’RE PREGNANT!!!!!! Seeing Our Twins For The First Time!

WE’RE PREGNANT!!!!!! Seeing Our Twins For The First Time!

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22 Responses

  1. Gia Medina says:

    I just gave birth last Monday and it was the most intense and incredible experience. Your surrogate deserves the world. Seriously, the sacrifice she’s making can’t be priced. She’s doing it out of the kindness in her heart. Please treat her to whatever she wants this pregnancy and treat her like a QUEEN. She’s giving you the greatest gift of all

    • Becky Gail says:

      I 100% agree with you.The gift of life is priceless.Treat that girl like the queen she is,

    • Lars-tomas Falden/Bower says:

      I’m sure she getting paid, don’t think anyone would go through a pregnancy for pure kindness for free

    • Janessa says:

      @Lars-tomas Falden/Bowerell of course she’s being paid and all the medical expenses are taken care of by them, but still it’s kind of her. All surrogates are kind and deserve the world (most of them some definitely only do it for the monetary gain)

    • ecbreezy says:

      @Lars-tomas Falden/Bowermy mom did for her bestfriend who couldn’t conceive ❤ she was a incredibly selfless woman & your comment just reminded me of that. Miss her so much

    • LifeOfCassie says:

      Mother of 2 here and I couldn’t agree more. Women’s bodies are incredible. This is seriously one of the most selfless things a human could do. Shane and Ryland are so blessed. ❤

  2. Callie Chappell says:

    I’m a mom of 2 year old boy/girl twins and they have been the greatest thing to ever happen to me. Twins are so special. The new born stage is really hard work, but it all pays off when you see them playing with one another and being best friends❤ Congrats guys ☺️

    • Julia says:

      My headphones died so I can’t finish the video until tomorrow and I saw the names but I just want to make sure, what were the gender? I assumed two boys at first but I know a girl named max so I wanted to ask someone 😂😂 bc if I play the video without my headphones I will have wake up a very light sleeping four year old and nobody wants that 😂

    • Tayla June says:

      @JuliaI think it’s two boys! 👦👦

    • Real Life says:

      My brother has 8yr old boy/girl twins and they were super hard for the first year. I had to take my then 4 year old over and stay with them to take care of one of the twins, so one of them got sleep. They eventually got the hang of it, but I’ll never forget that experience!! It seems like way more than just double the normal newborn experience. But worth it!!❤❤

  3. Nell Martin says:

    I’m 6 months pregnant with baby 4. I’ve had 6 miscarriages. This gift she’s giving you is absolutely life changing. Being a parent can make you, break you, completely tear you down and rebuild you. You are going to be wonderful parents. Take the rough with the smooth and always remember… the nights are long but the years are short x

  4. Senorita Sharapova says:

    I’m full on sobbing congrats Ryland and Shane I’m so beyond over the moon happy for you both 😭❤ I can’t wait for you guys to meet Jet and Max!!!! 💛👶👶💛 Love you both so much ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  5. Bugg says:

    13:45 when Shane whispers “there’s 2” i started crying. It is so beautiful that there are people willing to help bring a life into this world for others. I know those babies will be so loved and cared for. It is such a beautiful process, I wish you both the best and hope you continue to be blessed

  6. Ryein G. says:

    My husband and I struggled with fertility for two years and one night I had a dream that I had a baby boy and on his onesie it said “June” and I kid you not, 2 days before June 1st I got my first positive! He’s now a thriving 5 year old and starts kindergarten this year. God does amazing things and He loves to let us know that He hears our cries and knows our wants. Congrats guys!

  7. Korra Water Tribe says:

    Congratulations Shane and Ryland. All your fur babies will soon have human babies to play with! ❤

  8. caitlin reardon says:

    Ok this could be my own pregnancy hormones but I haven’t cried like this over a pregnancy announcement, ever! Congrats guys 🥰

  9. Audion M says:

    I’m a momma of 1 year old twin girls and let me just tell you, you guys are so blessed. Twins are so fun. They will be besties for life, congratulations!!❤️

  10. Deanna Carlin says:

    Why am I crying is it weird there are so many of us so excited for these babies.The heartbeats .Congrats so happy for you both.❤

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