Thank you for the lovely gifts & we’ll see you at the next holiday unboxing!!🎁
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27 Responses

  1. OfflineTV says:

    New Bespoke Post subscribers get 20% off their first box — go to https://bespokepost.com/offlinetv20 and enter code OFFLINETV20 at checkout. Thanks to Bespoke Post for sponsoring!

    • Monkeyman65 says:

      Collab with the boys

    • Joshua Lim says:

      Lol, I was actually interested to get it, but then its only for US and Canada, doesn’t ship to Oce kek

    • qwerty says:

      next time let brodin also have a unboxing episode

    • Gabriel B. says:

      curious question, any ability for youtubers to see a general consensus of their viewers financial status? maybe how often they’ve interacted with your ads in the past? seems like your viewers may have some money!

  2. Dennis Dexter says:

    The guy that sent scarra metal is pure evil. Scarra deserves more.

  3. Jive Talk says:

    If I’m being totally honest i was never gonna even consider sending things to strangers on the internet, but the scarra disrespect kinda hit a spot that makes me feel like blowing a check

    • Dusk says:

      Yeah it’s kinda cringe to send personal gifts to people you don’t know, but that metal box person seriously has issues

  4. Coffee Games says:

    Scarra deserves more packages. He is literally the daddy of otv, like, he made it im pretty sure. He’s the og, give him some stuff yall.

  5. Cesi says:

    The guy who sent scarra a bunch of metal, knowing he had to spend a decent amount of money to get it shipped geniuenly is whats only making me not upset about that whole segement, people really go out of their way to be pieces of shit god damn

  6. kry says:

    Really sad to see the last package scarra got being so mean, even if it’s a joke (not a funny one)

    I had an opportunity to play apex w scarra once and it was a lot of fun, archived the stream for myself as a nice little memory. Really cool, humble and funny guy and genuinely one of the best times i had playing apex.

    OTV wouldnt have even started without him and the whole cast makes otv what they are now; it’s like a nice content family

  7. Reckless.c4 says:

    Michael is always a mood

    • Iamayam Iamitik says:

      @Xavier Ince Pierre I’d love to be able to still act 12 but you grow old and the responsibilities pile up…

    • Faulty says:

      tf does that even mean

    • Bishop Vida says:

      @Some random weeb Idk I think he’d actually like science a bit, maybe fertilizer or some shit. probably end up turning it into a bombzai

    • Some random weeb says:

      @Bishop Vida Michael gonna make a cyborg out of the bonzai and laugh maniacally during the process, typical Michael gigachad move

    • Tyrone says:

      @Xavier Ince Pierre 12 year olds don’t act like that. I get what your saying but he acts like what a 12 year old sounds like in there head, because no 12 year old can actually have his humor. Also lily is 30, and micheal is 24 so I don’t get why it’s weird for them to act that way lily is young, and micheal is really young

  8. Zackerex says:

    We should all just get super nice gifts for Scarra, he is so underappreciated and it is time he got some more recognition for what he brings to OTV.

  9. Christina Moody says:

    Scarra deserves better, once I get enough money, I’m going to send this man like 2 weeks of stuff

  10. Finale Wolfe says:

    When you get too close to Yvonne, she goes absolutely feral! An example of this would be 8:19

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