Colorado defeats TCU in Coach Prime’s debut, Caleb Williams for Heisman? | CFB | FIRST THINGS FIRST

Colorado defeats TCU in Coach Prime’s debut, Caleb Williams for Heisman? | CFB | FIRST THINGS FIRST

Nick Wright, Chris Broussard and Kevin Wildes react to Colorado’s win vs. TCU in coach Deion Sanders’ debut. The cast also discuss early Heisman candidates Caleb Williams, Shedeur Sanders and Travis Hunter.

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Nick Wright, Chris Broussard, and Kevin Wildes team up on First Things First. The trio offers their take on a bevy of sports stories alongside special guests from across the sports world.

Colorado defeats TCU in Coach Prime’s debut, Caleb Williams for Heisman? | CFB | FIRST THINGS FIRST

First Things First

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40 Responses

  1. First Things First says:

    Watch Number One College Football Show with RJ Young:

  2. Big Stace says:

    Sanders looked fantastic vs TCU, he was so accurate and smooth. Hunter shocked me, that’s just a pure athlete right there. Long as the O line and D line improves, this team is dangerous💯

  3. Jason Derby says:

    Apart from x’s and o’s, motivating his team, and landing recruits the other thing that Prime brings to the table is structure and discipline. They looked very sharp on saturday and I think that comes from coaches setting a high standard of what needs to be done and how it should look. A team that’s a well oiled machine can beat a more talented team.

    • Thomas Neal says:

      Thank You! That is what all great coaches are known for. Discipline and structure are what takes teams to the next level. You can take a team that might not have the better talent but if they have the discipline, structure and strong mental toughness, they can consistently beat teams that on paper should beat them. I heard a quote from a very successful old coach of mine … He said 90% percent of games are lost not won. I would see him win year after year after year with teams that most of the time had just good talent not great or elite talent because of the discipline and structure all his teams possessed.

    • Mark Gentile says:

      When you RESPECT OLD SCHOOL WAYS as an Athlete the game is easier because practice is about game situations. Coached 7-8 grade league back in 72-75. The all-Nieighbohood avg.44pts a game in 24min games no 3ptrs back when basketball had real Balls

    • Larry James says:

      Lmao holding college players to higher standards than NFL players

  4. Big Stace says:

    Colorado winning at least 8 games this season, mark my words. This gonna be one of the most exciting teams to watch this season.

    • Streetblawgerdotcom says:

      Prime exceeding expectations of even his supporters

    • Gque says:

      To add to your statement
      They go to a bowl game and win it.

    • willard Matsaudza says:

      I think they go 10-2 in the season and 11-2 overall book it now.

    • Javier Fernandez says:

      @willard MatsaudzaBit aggressive, they have guaranteed loses against Utah, Oregon, and USC. They’ve also got tough games against Washington State, Oregon State, and Nebraska. They have a very young team so I think they’ll finish 8-4.

    • willard Matsaudza says:

      @Javier Fernandez I think they will beat usc, their defense is terrible Utah is one of the loses so is Oregon, and Washington will be very close could go either way.

  5. Pavi Deol says:

    NEVER GET RID OF WILDES!! His comedic timing and one liners are unmatched!😂🔥

  6. GStar876 says:

    When he played, Deion did it in a way that appeals to kids nowadays. Flashy, brash, confident. But he made sure he was always prepared to back up the things he said. So he resonates with them now that they can be all those things, but you have to put in the work to back it up when it counts.

  7. Luminious Beings NYC says:

    Played under great coaches, great coaches-on-the-field, and even under poor regimes in DC and ATL, and experienced his kids growing up close and personal. That’s a litany of experiences that he brings to a college coaching room.

  8. Rickey Foreman says:

    Deion is the MOST relatable older player. He was exactly what these kids want to be now. Braggadocios and elite at his sport. Deion would’ve been good during this social media era

  9. ricric says:

    AS Deion said, he’s been coaching for 20yrs. he’s been building coaching expertise from pre-high school to high school to HBCU to PAC12. Other ex-great players going into coaching must take the same path and build that expertise

  10. Cedric Fisher says:

    The differences between Coach Prime and everyone else is, genuine love, vision and dedication to and for his players. Most people don’t understand those three things are in relation to the individuals he coaches

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