What Russia Doesn’t Want You to See Happening in Ukraine

What Russia Doesn’t Want You to See Happening in Ukraine

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Select video clips courtesy of Getty Images

Select video clips courtesy of the AP Archive

Special thanks to MapTiler / OpenStreetMap Contributors and GEOlayers 3

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56 Responses

  1. RealLifeLore says:

    Compare news coverage from diverse sources around the world on a transparent platform driven by data. Try Ground News today and get 30% off your subscription: https://ground.news/reallifelore


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    • Apsoy Pike says:


      You were incorrect here. Unless you have access to some sources I don’t. Only one of the tracks is currently operational.

      I have heard that there is a bill to repair the track that is only said to complete by the spring of 2024. Though I have not been able to directly verify this. So where are you getting your info?

    • just something says:

      Here we go..

    • Thompson says:

      Russia is doing exactly what the whole world wants it to do which is to stand against western colonial imperialism

    • Activist Book says:

      OK FBI

  2. FH Rune says:

    It’s crazy how we can watch the affects of war in real time with the technology of our time. Makes me think of how the attitude to war changed around the Vietnam War when the media could show the horror of war while it was going on for one of the first times.

    • Digital Person says:

      @Stop RUS Zombies they have the same pride the US has.
      They also do not think they are anything less than righteous and good.

    • Digital Person says:

      @Justin true statement friend. If all the wars had this much coverage, maybe we would learn.
      Seems the west only cares about wars that the governments wage for financial gain which affect them and their economy.

    • Justin says:

      @Stop RUS Zombies yea just like how Americans still believe in their government after all the lies and wars and war crimes they have committed, Internally and internationally

    • Justin says:

      You all do know wars have been happening all around the world, It’s just that you don’t care enough or the media does not pay attention to it, Or you all are clueless about the world and all the wars happening

    • Stop RUS Zombies says:

      The most amazing thing is that YouTube isn’t banned in russia and some people in russia still believe that what Pootler done is right.

  3. Genesee Trains & Elevators says:

    My great grandfather immigrated from a small town in western Ukraine near the Poland border, and while western Ukraine was untouched, it still breaks my heart that some of distant cousins who live there are seeing the destruction of their home country…😢

  4. SeenSparkle says:

    describing the first day of the invasion is literally gave me goosebumps. Most of us havent heard that statement for a year, and saying that exact statement you said last year is just scary

    • Yamn says:

      I remember being in my bed on 3 AM stuck in a loophole of videos when i saw the news, stayed until 5 am watching news and livestreams

    • Шапошник Максим says:

      @Abdullah Ashak It’s not “NATO approach”, it’s countries choosing their team. Either randomly attacking their neighbors one, or apparently normal.

    • Abdullah Ashak says:

      @PhilfreezeCH Do you want to stay silent and watch NATO approach it and happen to their countries such as Libya, Yemen and Iraq because of NATO and America’s interventions?

    • Vajrahaha Shunyata says:

      Russian tell-lie-vision talks all the time about extending its borders by force. Russhists are the ones expanding, not NATO.
      NATO is simply a defense against this terrorist imperialism.
      And russia promised to never invade Ukraine as long as it had no nukes.
      The rest is moscovite horde lies….

  5. Atzo YT says:

    As a survivor of the longest siege in Sarajevo,I can only say I would never ever wish that things like this happen to anyone

    • Kuwait Star says:


    • ashley stewart says:

      @Krto7 not all of us in America doesn’t support the majority of our government and leaders with egos who invites themselves into other countries issues . I’m sure it’s the same for the Chinese and at least 50% of Russians. Just because we happen to be born into our native country doesn’t mean we agree with what our politics do, especially in foreign affairs

    • yiddishly says:

      massive respect. I was practically raised by a Bosnian refugee woman who came to the US and became a daycare teacher. she would buy kids presents on their birthday, and was always very cheerful. i only figured out where she came from when i was much older, and it made sense given the church where my daycare was has done a lot to help resettle refugees from bosnia, albania, the congo, nepal, and now ukraine. when i read about the war waged on bosnia and bosnians, and the things that were done to combatants and innocent civilians alike, i think i glimpsed at the pain that is indescribable to those like myself who have only known peace and safety at home. we don’t know how lucky we are.

    • Krto7 says:

      Americans, russias and the chinese will make sure that this happens everywhere eventually

    • mrtopcat2 says:

      I agree with you. Yet people were chanting for war against a mighty giant. What else did they expect? Russia to fall in a day? Third parties have instigated a civil war in Syria in 2011, in order to force regime change. 350.000 people died in the ensuing conflict and Assad is still in power.

  6. Lion says:

    I love the interactive maps on Snapchat. Its pretty cool to see real time whats going on around the world. I was watching Ukraine because it was on the news. Kyiv was a normal city just like any other with hundreds of people posting snaps about their daily lives. As soon as the invasion started, it was scary to see real time people struggling to get out. Now most of Ukraine is empty and I wonder where all those people are.

  7. Tim Trewyn says:

    As an electrical engineer, I would point out that it would be a sensible strategy to conserve electricity for heating, charging, and communications rather than use it on night lighting. Light at night attracts targeting sensors. Best to keep the lights off and force the opponent to maintain infrared surveillance, which is a bit more difficult than optical surveillance. However, I don’t think this kind of conservation is what is going on in North Korea.

  8. Kathy Carpenter says:

    This was an excellent episode, great work, great presentation! The imagery tells it all, thanks for walking us through it. The images are indeed chilling.

    • Jay Belle says:

      Lacks context and I was disappointed with RLL.. pictures tell a thousand words but also a thousand lies… both side commit war crimes but ukr has more so that rus during and before this war sides from causing it in the first place; we in 🇺🇸 should be bombing corrupt ukr not supporting it

    • JP says:

      It’s NOTHING when compared to the nukes bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, or the Korean and Vietnam WARs, or the Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Libya WARS by Great Satan and its servants.. 💯💯

  9. Ground News says:

    It was great working with you again, RealLifeLore! Fantastic video so far (I’m halfway through). It’s difficult to fully grasp what the Ukrainian people are going through at the moment – many of us have (thankfully) never experienced this kind of destruction. But I think these satellite images really convey the scale of what can truly happen at a moment’s notice. Please keep up the good work!

    And for any viewers interested in learning more about Ground News, I’m happy to answer any questions you might have! Thanks.

  10. Tim Yoshi says:

    Yes, all this is happening right now, in 21st century in Europe 🙁
    I’m from Ukraine originally, and my younger brother and family were escaping the Kyiv in the 24th. They’ve been standing in huge jam inside Kyiv while helicopters were flying above, then drove around, right near the Gostomel airfield – they had to drive around some helicopters laying on the road. Spent almost whole day just to get out of the city. Slept few hours in two days on the gas station and then spent about 3.5 days on the border crossing traffic jam.
    But the most shocking thing was at the beginning, when my brother called me at 4 am their time with just a short “There are explosions everywhere outside. We’re trying to flee. Call and try to coordinate others. Bye.” And hung up…
    And then news that there are explosions EVERYWHERE in the country, even very far west regions. And then suddenly no news for about 5-15 minutes. At that time I thought that it was the end. That Ukraine is totally destroyed. I still have goosebumps when I recall that night.

    • Kuwait Star says:

      🇺🇦+🇷🇺=💩💩 🖕

    • Raymond Parnell says:

      @Fiero88mph2018 wrong Iraq went bad because of religion. Do your homework 😀 every westerner has access to information that Russians can only dream of .

    • Martha Kostiuk says:

      @Fiero88mph2018 its ok im sure all those iraqis are now american citizens

    • mrtopcat2 says:

      Tim Yoshi, the thing about war is that it needs to be avoided at all cost. However neither side wanted to do that and third parties were pouring gasoline into the fire. And still do. You have to accept reality, that no one can win this war. There are only losers. As long as there is peace and prosperity, people usually can’t care less who is in charge. This war is a scam.

    • Ashlin Mario says:

      @Fiero88mph2018 yeah but fuck them brown people I guess /s.

      While I do empathise with the suffering of the ukranian people, and fuck Putin for putting them through this nightmare, however, this narrative of “OMG, It’s Europe!”, or people in Europe “care more about people who look like them” is honestly kinda cringe. It was happening in the early days of the war last year and being aired by reporters on major broadcasters.

      Just because war/suffering is happening in Europe shouldn’t mean that we should somehow care more about it compared to similar things that are happening/have happened elsewhere in Africa or Asia. The hypocrisy is baffling. People often forget how much the US and its allies have fucked up doing very similar things in far off lands, but as they say, out of sight is out of mind. The poor sods in Iraq were the baddies then so everyone was fine destroying/damaging their critical infrasture and then having a blockade for several years that prevented the rebuilding. Also, more recently Yemen is a very good example.

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