What to expect from King Charles III

What to expect from King Charles III

King Charles III has very large shoes to fill. How will he change the British royal family?

00:00 – Britain has a new king
01:08 – The English constitution
01:57 – The importance of religion
03:56 – Charles has big shoes to fill
06:09 – Slimming down the monarchy
07:21 – Will Charles be a meddling king?
08:44 – Could there be a constitutional crisis?
10:35 – The future of the British monarchy

What will Charles do now? https://econ.st/3RLTCdS

The Queen’s death is the end of an era: https://econ.st/3Db6Jl2

Queen Elizabeth II— the weight of duty: https://econ.st/3eDgQF2

How Queen Elizabeth II strengthened the monarchy https://econ.st/3eB6B42

1843 – Drama queen: Her Majesty on-screen, from “The Simpsons” to “The Crown”: https://econ.st/3Rwy6ud

Queen Elizabeth II: her reign in numbers: https://econ.st/3xaSw3E

Are monarchies a thing of the past? Watch our film to find out: https://econ.st/3IP4hRG

The difficulties in crowning King Charles III: https://econ.st/30sHUA4

How does the British monarchy’s line of succession work? https://econ.st/3dWr7s1

Listen to our take on the remarkable similarities between Queen Elizabeth and Alex Ferguson: https://econ.st/3E0X1P2

How does data on inbred nobles support a leader-driven theory of history? Listen to find out: https://econ.st/3s9uYKK

What sort of King is Charles shaping up to be? https://econ.st/3oSZx5g

Is there a problem with the Netflix hit show “The Crown”? https://econ.st/3pTujdD

Charles will become defender of the faith: https://econ.st/3pTiTqw
Children’s authors and publishers are capitalising on the popularity of the British monarchy: https://econ.st/33nQSiZ

Where does the royal family get its money? https://econ.st/3sa6oJJ

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53 Responses

  1. Panji Wicaksono says:

    Imagine had King Charles III still has Princess Diana. Her popularity would have helped King Charles III get more sympathy and support.

  2. Ddddavyy says:

    Gotta love how this video goes over nothing but the absolute worst possible outcomes

  3. Jibril says:

    It was an honour to live through The Second Elizabethan Era. RIP to Her Royal Highness 👑

  4. Kelly Renee says:

    Hes been awaiting this moment for probably 70 when he was told he would be king of England. Imagine waiting an entire life time for this day and losing your mother at the same time.

    • Mary Steven says:

      @Mr. Ornstein The former monarch is always dead. That’s why we said “ the Queen is dead, long live the King”.

    • Mitjitsu says:

      You have a lot more freedom when you’re the king in waiting, as opposed to being the king.

    • Rick and Elizabeth Parker says:

      You have to have a heart to care. This man doesn’t have a heart.

    • Mr. Ornstein says:

      What saddens me is that usually the former monarch would usually, give the current monarch tips and advices, but with her majesty’s passing its different from being on the side to then suddenly talking over, especially when he just lost his teacher and mother

    • Street Mode says:

      What Kingdom will King Charles be in charge? Are UK citizens just ornamentaly keeping these monarch people for just sentimental reasons?

  5. Thomas Wieser says:

    “The role of a monarch in the modern world is to protect the people from the politicians.”
    – Franz Joseph, Emperor of Austria-Hungary

    • Jann Guerrero says:

      That has been the history of Europe in a nutshell. All these ignorant people like to believe the simplified version of Whig History, so they think the Magna Carta made everyone democratic so that one day America would exist, when in fact, it was a bunch of middle-management oligarchs forcing their CEO to stand down. The middle-management types also did this with Hungary, and you know what happened? Power was so decentralized, the Hungarians couldn’t do a thing about the centralized, obedient, loyal Ottoman Turks, while all the middle-management fled the country or even switched sides.

    • Reginald Almeda says:

      @Alis Avdagić study their constitution first before commenting. Proposing a Law is not a monarch’s role.

    • MakaelaIsChillin says:

      @Marcus His wife and true love Elisabeth(or Sisi as she is often called) is also one of the most loved royal figures of all time, especially in Austria and Hungary

  6. Nahelmica says:

    I think it would be better that Charles rules as long as he could. That way William and Kate could raise their little ones long enough without the demands of the responsibilities of a reigning monarch. At this point their children need them more.

  7. Parley Priesthood Pratt says:

    I would argue that in terms of longevity the Japanese Imperial family has been more successful–more than twice as old as the British Monarchy–but I take your point.

  8. Pim says:

    Interestingly, the “Dissolution and Calling of Parliament Act 2022” passed in March 2022, returning the King’/ prerogative powers to dissolve the parliament.

    Perhaps a more politically involved King would not be so bad.

  9. Javier Fernandez says:

    I think Argentine politicians cost us much more than that and at least the monarchy can be used by the country to sell stuff, tourism, etc. I laugh at the idea of people thinking that a republic will be different from a monarchy. Spoiler.. it’s not.

  10. Patrick Harris says:

    The new king’s speech today was well crafted and beautifully delivered. I’m expecting he’ll be a fine, unifying king.

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