What’s Going On With Digital Circus?

What’s Going On With Digital Circus?

So the pilot for Digital Circus was released…here’s my review

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39 Responses

  1. Saberspark says:

    Go check out Digital Circus! It’s free to watch on YouTube! Also make sure to subscribe to the channel! https://youtu.be/HwAPLk_sQ3w

  2. GLITCH says:

    Thanks for the kind words! 💖Let’s grow indie animation together 💪😤

  3. Harrison Lane says:

    Big fan of how they handled the budget limitations for this. Incredibly minimalist sets, simple designs, and a BOATLOAD of attention placed on the character animations. Some of these animations are higher quality than stuff you see out of much larger budgets.

    It tracks for Kevin Temmer’s style, but it’s still nice to see a focus put onto really nailing a single thing.

    • Evan Sageser says:

      Always a smart move for CG on limited budgets to go for stuff that’s supposed to look artificial. It’s the trick that Pixar did in the early days with Toy Story and the like.

  4. Banana_Slugcat says:

    Glitch is really outperforming big animation companies with their animation quality, good storyline and original characters. I hope they make a whole season of TADC.

  5. Mr. Horrible says:

    It’s worth mentioning that the lead animator on the series, Kevin Temmer, is an industry professional who worked for Blue Sky Studios before it shut down, who worked on big Hollywood animated films like Ice Age. So there’s serious talent on display in all aspects of this show.

    • Bearer of Bad news 13 says:

      Well he managed to escape the curse that is the ice age franchise good for him.

    • Zigeal⛧Faust says:

      Kevin absolutely is the MVP of the Glitch team.
      Ive been following him for years and when he announced he was joining them I was both happy and scared they wouldnt use him to his full potential.
      Also worth noting how monumental it is that a transwoman made a show that got 5 mil in a day.

    • Greg vs. The World says:

      @Zigeal⛧Faust I didn’t know that about Goose! That’s awesome!

  6. Brotetsu says:

    The scene where Caine opens and closes the cellar full of obstructed people is easily the creepiest part for me.

    So many have been trapped in this place, lost their minds, became monsters, and then got locked away in a basement never to be seen again.

    Like…..what’s going on?!?!

  7. Fatalis_Shiro says:

    The thing about Caine is that I don’t think he’s malicious, or at least not purposefully so. He’s taking care of the people who get trapped in the digital circus to the best of his ability, but he seems genuine on not knowing how to escape (going so far as trying to make a fake exit because thats what he thought everyone wanted).

    • ara says:

      I heard that Caine is an AI part of the game, so i’m not impressed how he acts at everything like it’s normal.

    • Zavex Capricious says:

      Its also been confirmed that Caine isnt evil, he tries to make sure they dont go insane and takes care of them best he can, but doesnt fully understand how humans work

    • Evan Sageser says:

      Honestly yeah a lot of it’s giving me Inscryption vibes. That ADC was some sort of old computer activity game like they made for kids in the 90’s and early 2000’s that got way too innovative for its own good, managed to implement an AI (Caine) Game Master to create new content for it. But also disastrously implemented untested full dive VR, which caused users’ minds to become trapped in the game and so was abandoned. How exactly the various characters ended up in the game from that state is still up for debate though. I would bet on at least one of them being one of the original devs, probably Kinger, being the oldest and craziest, but how people kept on getting trapped there afterwards raises some questions.

    • CatBatRat says:

      @Evan Sageser Ooh, I like these theories!

    • Kirrb-dot-exe says:

      Tbh i think caine is trying his best to work as an ai operating in the 90’s kids edutainment genre: being engaging and helpful but not understanding what the players really need. Like i don’t think he’s evil but i think he’s trying his best to be engaging within the genre of the game

  8. Blastertronus says:

    Lizzie, Sean, and all the other VAs really did knocked it out of the park with there performances.

  9. David Potts says:

    Always feels crazy to remember that Meta Runners, Murder Drones, and now this show were able to be made all because an awkward kid wanted to try out glitches in SM64 and filmed it on a potato brick of a phone

  10. ghillieguy52 says:

    It’s impressive how they animated cain with his mouth and eye expressions so well combined together.

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