Piers Morgan vs Dillon Danis On Logan Paul Fight | The Full Interview

Piers Morgan vs Dillon Danis On Logan Paul Fight | The Full Interview

Piers Morgan Uncensored is joined by MMA fighter and online influencer Dillon Danis to react to his fight with controversial social media influencer Logan Paul in which he was disqualified in the dying seconds of the fight after attempting a wrestling move on the boxer.

Dillon says the reason he only landed nine punches on Logan was because he kept running away. He also adds that he didn’t appreciate everyone doubting him, including his friend and artist Drake, who bet on Logan Paul to knock out Dillon.

Dillon goes on to say if Logan Paul was a man, he would keep his side of the bargain and fight him in MMA, where Dillon believes not only could he beat Logan, but also the likes of KSI, Jake Paul and even boxers such as Floyd Mayweather. He also calls out Dana White to let him fight in the UFC and believes he would beat any UFC fighter too.

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48 Responses

  1. Piers Morgan Uncensored says:

    What question would you have asked Dillon Danis?

  2. Aamon says:

    Dude tricked everyone into thinking he would actually go for the win

  3. منفى says:

    dillon is so convincing when he talks about beating people, almost made me forget his fight 4 days ago 💀

  4. Darkmello says:

    Danis: “He’s not built for this.”
    Also Danis: *lands 9 punches in 6 rounds opposed to Logan Paul’s 83 punches landed*

    • AK M says:

      and somehow took less damage than logan…yeah maybe stop forgetting about the fact that hes a jujitsu specialist and not a boxer, also the fact that he didnt do a training camp, had no coach, and his aim was to troll the event which he succeeded in. Logan looked like absolute trash with his punches.

    • CoRe Daqqer says:

      @AK M Cry more. The very fact that he took the fight throws all this jujitusu specialist shit out the window, quit trying to his that as an excuse for his embarrassing performance.

    • CenturionPan says:

      Ain’t no way Logan nearly landed 10x the punches Dillon did, that’s crazy

    • ThermalX says:

      @AK MLogan didn’t take more damage, the injury on his head was from the mic thrown at him by Dillon

    • Gabriel Rodriguez says:

      ​@AK M Ain’t no one claiming Logan is a good boxer either, they both suck. But Dillion somehow managed to make Logan look infinitely better and completely embarrassed himself with a failed choke and takedown. As a professional fighter of any sort, it was absolutely pathetic.

  5. Tea says:

    Piers was surprisingly cordial with Dillon.

  6. Vincarro says:

    If I had even an ounce of Dillion’s confidence and shook off failures just like that, I would be unstoppable.

    • Honeyo Sweet38 says:

      how did he stay relevant when he’s only has 2 mma fights, over 4 years ago.
      And those were against bums.

    • Silk & Scrooge says:

      He’s just more likable then Logan. It will be interesting to see him exist without having to attach himself to Logan though. He has potential I’m just not sure at what lol

    • TD Honda says:

      when it gets to that level its called delusion…

    • milk says:

      @Silk & Scrooge Yeah, if you rmember, not too long ago, everyone hated his guts, then when he was pitted against Logan, everyone was like: “Welp, at least he’s not as bad as Logan”

  7. Thomas Take Sports Podcast says:

    The most unexpected interview ever, somewhat feel sorry for Dillon knowing the knee injury he had experiencing it. Not easy!

  8. ItsHummy says:

    This is too funny, Danis got treated better than anyone to ever be interviewed by Pierce.
    Was never interrupted and Pierce just listened 😂

  9. InsignificantGnat says:

    I laughed so hard when he said he could beat Khabib 😂

    • The Gurlama says:

      Bro on a serious note you should watch his actual fights he is insanely good on the ground like elite level his striking sucks ass tho.

    • InsignificantGnat says:

      @The Gurlama I’ll check them out, the only one I seen was the one against Gordon? I think his name was.

    • Memè Critic says:

      @The Gurlama If you compare him to the adcc wrestlers on his weight class right now he’s nothing but a chump

  10. Eimhin Power says:

    Dillon is a master troll, absolutely hilarious 😂

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