When an Anime only focuses on Boxing

When an Anime only focuses on Boxing


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33 Responses

  1. RDCworld1 says:

    So we are making a short film right now.. just something for y’all to look forward too. 100k likes? If you liked the video thumbs up guys!

  2. Somuch Bttrdenu says:

    It’s crazy how everyone in RDC has great sneaking form. No wasted motion, no telegraphing, just sudden quickness

  3. Gamma Centauri says:

    Battle Days had perhaps the most innovative and moving story of any anime I’ve ever seen. Dylan put a masterful amount of detail into the world building and plot. Not to mention delivering us the best cinematography of any modern anime. It’s a great showing of why conflict can never be resolved with violence and how sometimes fighting will just create more fighting instead of working towards bettering everyone else. What a masterpiece.

  4. Nike Athlete says:

    Dylan Patel has been all over the place recently. From winning the Suburb Olympics with quite fashion, to now being a Story Telling of the year artist. Man this kid is something special. Truly one of a kind for the Indian community

  5. DBZFIGHTER02 says:

    They ended their beef, gained respect for each other, walked 10 feet, and started boxing again😭💀

  6. MrGUnit27 says:

    For real though, the fight choreography in RDCworld videos is so underrated. Almost every punch feels like it lands with force

  7. NMRIH is a great Source mod - blessed by Cory's lip says:

    Cant believe the lads trained decades to get superpowers just for the skit, dedication is insane, mad respect

  8. WhoisEli says:

    The plot.. the story telling.. the character development, it’s so beautiful I see why it won story teller of the year 🌚

  9. Lazy Mofos says:

    Finally a series where the title is 100% accurate… There was definitely battling and all scenes in fact were during the day, no wonder Dylan is receiving such high praise for the dedication this series has. I look forward to his next project Night Fights and expect him to take his storytelling to the next level as impossible as that sounds after this masterpiece.

    • Alex Rosemond says:

      I actually heard Night Fights is supposed to be a prequel to Battle Days. It was scheduled to drop late 2022 but it might release in the first quarter of 23. I’m so excited even started reading the manga.

  10. Acefiasco says:

    1:03 That right-straight left upper-cut from Ben was LETHAL 💀

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