Why Are 2b2t Players Breaking Bedrock?

Why Are 2b2t Players Breaking Bedrock?

Today on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft, we’ll answer the question; why are 2b2t players breaking bedrock across the entire server?
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homieonice (Instagram)
Kumi Tanioka – FF:CC OST
SMT IV – Black Market

Additional 2b2t Footage/Information/Renders:
0ffeeX (Russian 2b2t YouTuber): https://www.youtube.com/c/OffeeX
futsin1 (Cinematic 2b2t YouTuber): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0omfEhkoBeb2wr9A4PwieA
Negative_Entropy (Cinematic 2b2t YouTuber): https://www.youtube.com/c/NegativeEntropy
xcc2 (Thumbnail Render)

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And CONSIDERING that 2b2t players are breaking bedrock, we can only wonder how many will survive?
2b2t is currently awaiting the 1.17/1.18/1.19 Minecraft update. Very exciting times!

Breakery Discord (I do not endorse, join at own risk): https://discord.gg/DY9xv9MBVp

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53 Responses

  1. Debo Gaming says:

    The gave up on blocks to break so they chose something they couldn’t have.

  2. Grip Ghoul says:

    Honestly breaking bedrock in survival *doesn’t shock me anymore…*

  3. Gr8rFlame says:

    “This was not caused by an accident, but by a group of Russian players…”

    *Valley of wheat flashbacks*

  4. OwO says:

    Only with the power of Soviet Russia on your side, can you break bedrock without any issues.

  5. Henrique Pereira says:

    And then a plot twist happens: Due to The breakery making the no-bedrock craters, the queue suddenly goes up of people looking to see the size of them XD

  6. LuckyTwo says:

    Hypothetical, what if all the bedrock under the spawn radius of the world spawn were deleted and everything above was removed. Could that prevent spawning in at world spawn? Could that be the ultimate grief, the server is effectively dead to new players if spawn is essentially non-existent. Until the blessed Hausmaster fixes it.

  7. TruelyJohn64 says:

    “The Breakery” is both the stupidest or smartest pun name I’ve ever heard

  8. ExoticGamer says:

    the breakery: removes ‘digital history’ to improve queue times
    also the breakery: creates more digital history

  9. Rays Works says:

    At the tine I showed nether potal bedrock breaking I didn’t think it would ever get used much. So surprised to see it still in use.

  10. Bribe says:

    Seeing history destroyed like this makes my heart heavy

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