FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS | Demetrius Andrade vs. Jason Quigley

FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS | Demetrius Andrade vs. Jason Quigley

Demetrius Andrade vs. Jason Quigley from the SNHU Arena in Manchester, New Hampshire.

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45 Responses

  1. Scratch ur cheeks says:

    This is what he should be doing not going the distance with this lvl of competition.

  2. David Gregory says:

    Why’s munguia his mandatory but refuse’s to fight him? And why can’t Andrade fight ggg they’ve both be on dazn for a few years

  3. Brass Tacks Boxing says:

    Andrade is misunderstood. Great fighter, and humble in his victory. Hope charlo finds his sack, and quits ducking him…🥊

    • TheTXHighRoller says:

      Charlo is the biggest coward ducker in boxing period

    • Think Through Tactical says:

      @Miguel Barajas but couldn’t KO Montiel? Charlo got rocked 4 times in that fight 🤦🏻‍♂️At least Quigley was a top 10 middleweight. Montiel wasn’t even in the top 20 🙄

    • Erik Murray says:

      Exactly bro

    • Miguel Barajas says:

      @Think Through Tactical 😂😂 bro you’re a typical fan boy little kid that doesn’t know about boxing and thinks that “records” matter more than boxing skills. If you fight the best fighters in your division obviously you might lose some. A record don’t make the boxer better. 🤡

    • BIG JDM says:

      @Miguel Barajas u dnt actually believe that. 20 seconds? Canelo was one fight away from undisputed at 160 , so why didn’t he beat andrade in 30 seconds?

  4. Dekroxx says:

    I can’t help but respect his humility.. love the respect he should to the guy and the corner mens

  5. MegaSquelch says:

    Big fan of Andrade, especially as he shows the respect.

  6. John Deighan says:

    Great KO. If fans want to see the Charlo fight, we must start demanding it more loudly. Demetrius did his part. Let’s make it hard for Jermall to keep turning the fight down.

    • Amelio Zappa says:

      @youngnutsack17 montpellier was 31-0 an had power with an awkward style that will give alot of boxers problems thats why he was undefeated. Quigley was 19-1 not a big puncher nor show he can take a punch. Hw would had lost to any of the top welterweight from what I saw and he is frail. Andrade need a real test so people can see where he really at.

    • Erik Murray says:

      I agree Charlo is a COWARD.

    • JR Bonilla says:

      Its funny we have to demand these guys to fight

    • JR Bonilla says:

      @Hendog nah you gotta work for a canelo fight. hes on top of the throne

    • Inger says:

      Canelo isn’t coming down more likely he go up. Andrade charlo is the fight

  7. B2 _VIDS says:

    Much respect to DAZN for uploading the fight very fast. Salute

  8. the boxing force says:

    Great guy and fighter..he treats everyone with great class!

  9. Edsel Sugay says:

    So much respect between both teams. I’d like to see Andrade get a shot at some super fights.

  10. Dave Partner says:

    He just KOd an Uber driver. Uber should sue.

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