Why Korea is Dying Out

Why Korea is Dying Out

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Every two years one million Japanese disappear, China’s population will halve by the end of the century, the median age in Italy has reached 48. All around the world birth rates are crashing – Is humanity dying out? What is going on and how bad is it?

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49 Responses

  1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell says:

    Go to https://brilliant.org/nutshell/ to dive deeper into these topics and more with a free 30-day trial + 20% off for the first 200 people!
    This video was sponsored by Brilliant. Thanks a lot for the support!

  2. Bill Pairaktaridis says:

    The effect of an aging population is felt very strongly in Greece. For years our politicians have mostly catered to retirees and government employees and that’s been enough to get them elected. But the burden of the system has been felt by the younger generation who, for the most part, have just left the country, leaving even fewer people to support the aging population. It’s negative feedback loop at this point.

    • 전범기를불태우자(Rising Sun Flag = Nazi Flag) says:

      South Korea is a society where it is difficult for women to live.
      As mentioned in the video, there are problems such as wage differences due to women’s career interruption.
      There are also many misogynistic crimes like Molka(hidden cameras). and Nth Room Case.
      a hard country for women to live in. That’s South Korea.

    • Ghoul Zeta says:

      Similar in the Czech Republic. Politicians bend over backwards for retirees without giving the younger generations a thought. Young people don’t vote because no politician represents their interests. Politicians don’t care about young people because they don’t vote. It’s a cursed loop.

    • Šulinardo Džobo says:

      Same thing is currently happening in my country! Cant wait to get out tho

    • πσιτ γκριν says:

      Ela Patrida

  3. Tatocientos says:

    As a teenager, I always imagined that by age 30 I would’ve married, owned a house and had all the children I was going have. I turn 30 in 8 days. Haven’t done any of those things. I’ve been with my partner for 7 & a half years. If it was up to us, we would’ve done all of it already, but neither of us see those things as achievable goals for our near future. Housing is way too expensive and wages are too low. Why have kids when we can’t afford to feed them or house them? Much less have the time to raise them since we both work full time just to survive. And without all of that, marriage just seems so pointless…
    As much as we wish we could start a family, we have no incentive to do so

    • EYpxMw GovmIFUoN says:

      Enjoy the last 8 days of your twenties 🫡

    • Bogdan Rădulescu says:

      I have two kindergarden kids. Best thing I did in my life. The maridge collapsed but still we have two wonderfull humans to care for. It will all work out. They really don’t need that much money. All they need is parrents that love them and show them they are loved.

    • beans says:

      Do you really need an incentive for that

  4. Oliver 'Kannik' Bollmann says:

    To pass on what I’ve heard from many young people: if you would like them to consider children, pay them a fair and living wage, with actual job stability, allow for family leave from work, and provide accessible and non-budget-busting healthcare. That’s it. That’s the floor of solidity upon which to build a family (another floor is full community support, but that’s not all too common anymore). The erosion of wages and job security (especially starting in the 80s), coupled with healthcare issues and existential threats, has made having children so fraught that many are, logically, opting out. Tut tutting them while you pilfer their paycheques won’t make it better.

    • Sebastián López says:

      “That’s it” hahaha making that happen is pretty much impossible.

    • Lil M Katsu says:

      ​@Sebastián Lópezget used to lower birthrate then

    • Danny Void says:

      Even though it is this simple, this is a solution for future generations. If this is indeed the prescription it would take to solve it, then it is logistically unfeasible to put it in place for the current generation, necessarily making current generation adults out of luck.

  5. ismount says:

    “Elected governments COULD decide to mostly represent the interests and fear of their elderly populations”. Brother, that shit is happening already.

    • Fermín Urzainqui says:

      Fr. Proposing changes to the pension system is a political suicide

    • Knower of truth says:

      It’s been happening for a very long time.

    • Chris S says:

      @Fermín Urzainqui Good? Before social security when workers in poor communities were too old to work, they would literally be thrown out on the streets to die in the company towns. If you didn’t have a big family or a lot of kids to care for you, you would literally be left to die after a lifetime of work.

      the issue is not old people having enough to live, the issue is capitalism,
      the issue is landlords and Bezos and musk hoarding more money than god

      The us spends billions on subsidizing raytheon and having literally hundreds of military basis god knows where
      the issue is billions in corporate welfare.

      don’t let these neoliberal ghouls tell you the problem is primarily a generational one, and not a class one.

    • Fermín Urzainqui says:

      @Chris S Which part of my comment exactly made you assume my ideology? Just asking…

    • 전범기를불태우자(Rising Sun Flag = Nazi Flag) says:

      South Korea is a society where it is difficult for women to live.
      As mentioned in the video, there are problems such as wage differences due to women’s career interruption.
      There are also many misogynistic crimes like Molka(hidden cameras). and Nth Room Case.
      a hard country for women to live in. That’s South Korea.
      search molka and Nth room case

  6. AspLode says:

    I feel like this video doesn’t address the underlying issue with birth rates: The cost of healthcare, the cost of taking care of a child, and the absolutely crushing lack of opportunity and uncertainty of the future, loss of faith in the society you’re growing up in, and a lack of societal stability giving you confidence to procreate and ensure a stable springboard for your progeny. People have kids when they have hope, and that’s at a critically low supply right now

    • John Smiguel says:

      This video doesn’t address other main issues like the insane inequality in wealth distribution, where 99% of people work their whole lives to be paid miserably while 1% is swimming on gold.

    • Bade sevenlere bade says:

      Yeah just like whole comment section, what really cause the all problems? Capitalism is.This Chanel is nothing but a distraction.

    • Dario Saenz says:

      Totally agree, neither does it address capitalism.

    • Thomas Bridgewater says:

      The poor have more kids both within and across countries. The cost of healthcare and taking care of a child is not the main issue at all.

    • Daniel says:

      Come to Germany with very cheap healthcare, free schools and universities, as well as free kindergartens in some states.
      Working times are still too long (40 hour weeks are unfortunately the norm) which leaves too little time for oneself and a family

  7. Jack Williams says:

    The fact that the unsustainable cost of childcare got a passing mention at best, and the massive levels of inequality many societies face wasn’t mentioned at all, is fairly telling. The video says itself people want more kids and the answer is pretty simple: They cannot afford to have them!

    • Ms.Doomer says:

      We can’t afford to do any of the stuff that leads up to having kids either. This generation is having way less sex than any other one before it and I know it’s not because of lack of desire.

  8. Gaem_sung says:

    As a student who is facing the CSAT (Korean college entrance exam) literally 6 weeks later, one of the main factors affecting the drastic birth rate in Korea is the overcompetition for higher education which stresses both parents and students immensly throughout the upbringing of children. Due to Korea’s historical Confucianistic values and the unique context of the steep economic growth post-korean war period, Korea’s society places immense societal importance and value on one’s educational background, and this creates an education system which mostly focuses around getting students to excel in the csat through their 12 years of school life. This in result creates a growing private education sector worth more than 20 billion dollars, students lifestyle being turned into a repetitive cycle comprised only of only school, tuition centres/academy and sleep, creating the highest youth suicide rates among OECD nations and lowest happiness levels. In my own case, our family used to spend more than $1500 monthly on private education for me and my brother, a sum thats about 20% of our montly income (which is probably somewhere in the upper middle class region) and this is considered to be not much compared to the Daechi Kids (Daechi being an area in Seoul, considered to be the private education centre of Korea), whose parents spend thousands of dollars for their children to try and get a good score in the csat so that they can go to medical schools. This really creates a never ending cycle of stress, with students being suicidal and parents having to cope with the ever increasing education fees, which in return places even more importance in having to get into college to fulfill society’s expectations and to overcome the increasing competition. This cycle affects all sorts of things like employment, housing prices and etc, and really creates an atmosphere where one feels unprepared to have children unless they have the economic background to support their children in winning the competition. In my own opinion, I really wouldn’t want to have children in Korea as I would feel as if having wronged them by making them grow up in a reality that probably is going to be even more stressful than my past 12 years of school.

  9. Bomba Soup says:

    The worst part about this is that it is a vicious circle. The governments will prioritize the elderly majority putting even more strain on the young leading to even less kids and more old people. In my country it is already manifesting by the government spending huge amounts of money to make sure that the pensions keep rising and at the same time they make budget cuts for education and healthcare and do nothing to alleviate the soaring house and rent prices and they can’t do anything else because freezing or lowering pensions is a political suicide in a majority old democratic nation.

    • Péter Szigeti says:

      Which country is this?

    • Peter Knutsen says:

      Denmark had been a gerontocracy for decades, and things aren’t going to improve. Problems that mainly plague young people, including the lack of affordable rental housing, is consistently ignored.

    • Khunark says:

      how the hell would it lead to more old people? do you think that old people multiply if you feed them?

    • holz name says:

      @Khunark yes, kind off. People get older if you feed them, so by feeding you get more old people. Every year you get more and more old people.

  10. ORO323 says:

    Literally the case in many countries is the lack of affordability. Here in the US housing is expensive. Many young people are still living with their parents or are opting to renting an apartment. Healthcare is a joke. One visit to the hospital/ER can financially bankrupt you. Many women/mothers don’t receive substantial benefits such as lengthy maternity leaves. Access to daycare services is expensive. Food is getting more expensive. Higher education is expensive. The idea of having a single child right now sounds like a nightmare.

    • koy540 says:

      That is fundamentally wrong. It is the perception of affordability and the choice by individuals, more specifically women, to not sacrifice any amount of quality of life to have kids. A generation of unparalleled wealth and quality of life can’t have kids because they are addicted to everything being perfect and easy. I am tired of people making the affordability excuse, the data says its wrong. Stop making this argument.

    • Tsura Towaru says:

      @koy540 Can you provide this data? Yea, didn’t think so.

    • Chestnutters says:

      ​@koy540seconded, the economy had undergone a massive shift over the past three years, 29% are doing remote or hybrid work, 40% have the option to do either and yet there’s still no baby boom and people are still complaining about the cost of childcare. Women just don’t want children anymore, period 🤷‍♀️

    • N J says:

      @koy540 That is a huge generalization. And I’m not sure why you are saying affordability isn’t an issue when it is. Look at the average wage as a proportion of the average rent from the 1980s and compare that with 2023 if you need proof.

    • Sanrio Sonderweg says:

      And it should be obvious that any country facing such problems is full.

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