I do not recommend: Assassin’s Creed Mirage

I do not recommend: Assassin’s Creed Mirage

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Assassin’s Creed Mirage is what we all feared it might be: a throwback to the old formula, with little effort made to adapt or advance that formula in any way. It might have got across the finish line had the writing done its job, but this is the worst written AC game I’ve played. Sadly, I can’t recommend this.

Video written by Ralph P, edited by Austin B.

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48 Responses

  1. Skill Up says:

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  2. TheBulletKin says:

    Man I really just want a mainline title that isn’t allergic to telling one story in a linear way, you feel so much more attached when they do that

    • Jeff S says:

      Yeah the story has become so convoluted it’s a chore. The best of AC is when they had cohesion building towards something with a theme but now they’ve literally lost the plot.

    • Astronotics says:

      they stopped doing it because people criticized the linear story. There’s a reason the game turned to an RPG model.

    • Randy Allen says:

      As soon as they do that, you’ll find something else to complain about 😉

    • TyeDye 622 says:

      ​@Randy Allenexactly!

    • Meme Clip Archives says:

      ​@AstronoticsYep, but then again the first four games, Black Flag, Origins and 3 to an extent are the only ones that did narrative and characters in AC right.

      The rest just didnt.

  3. DozingMan says:

    Enemy types is a shame. During the Ezio trilogy we saw at least a couple variations of light chasers, medium grunts, and heavy tank enemy types. Hireable factions were also available for alternative means to tackle enemies/forts.

  4. Ezseff says:

    One of the things that felt the most special in the older Assassins Creed’s (Ezio especially) was the detail that went into the levels that you’d actually go into, the tombs, the landmarks. You’d go in and there’d be puzzles, jumping sections, the buildings actually feel like huge and intricate landmarks. When you go into an interior in these newer games, it almost feels like houses in the sims to me, the scale doesn’t feel quite right, it feels like going in and out is way quicker than it should be. I don’t quite think I’ve captured what I’m trying to say in this comment but it’s the main issue with lots of bigger open world games for me, the scale of interiors.
    Edit: Spelling 😁

    • Indy Miraaga says:

      You must’ve missed a lot of the pyramids in Origins, their puzzles weren’t quite as intense as the Ezio games but still a lot of fun if you’re into dark and dank tombs.

    • Anon is No One says:

      Origins didn’t have this problem. Plus houses in medieval Baghdad weren’t exactly that big.

    • Zeikers says:

      I think the newer games locations have a lot to add to that. Ezio was in renaissance Italy where they had massive chapels and all that. Origins was in time where houses were mud huts, odyssey was in Greece where no building can be too high because of earthquakes, and Valhalla was in Viking time period who aren’t exactly known for their monuments but I do get what you’re saying

    • Bigby 77 says:

      @zeikers i think its the time periods and locations the chose to make the games are not ideal for an assassins creed game. for example you cant make assassins creed game during the bronze age it just dont fit that well. if they sticked to the original idea that was based on real life assassins order during the crusades era and moving forward from there not 1000s of years backwards would have been way more reasonable but the developers felt like an Egypt game would sound cool lets just fit an assassins creed story because it is so successful. how ever if they made a separate games for origins, odyssey and Valhalla by their own then the assassins creed series would have been much more accepted by the community

    • Ezseff says:

      @IndyMiraaga  Yeah I did quite like the pyramids, I think I must just have more of a preference towards Italian renaissance architecture

  5. Ticker Symbol: YOU says:

    Damn. I love the “I don’t recommend” videos almost as much as playing most games these days. Excellent breakdown of what’s working and what isn’t for this massive franchise.

    • OhGodAnotherUsername says:

      Totally; it feels like I always learn a little something when there’s some constructive criticism involved

    • TalkingBook72 says:

      Agreed, although unfortunately the majority of people will see only that and decide the entire game is bad without watching the full review

    • Yogi says:

      Which goes to show more that title shouldn’t be sensetionalised but unbiased and let people decide for themselves.

  6. RayearthIX says:

    I am very happy to see an old school AC game come out, but when I heard it was originally dlc to Valhalla, my interest tanked. Your review basically confirms what I feared… that they took a shorter story dlc and made it a full game without actually fleshing out that story to justify the length. Hopefully UbiSoft doesn’t use this as an excuse to never make an old style AC title again, because I miss those games.

    • French Fried Bagel says:

      I mean the stealth gameplays still satisfying. Expecting compelling story from AC is asinine as the whole story hasn’t had focus in nearly a decade.

  7. Nathan Stewart says:

    Brotherhood was great as was 3. Maybe I’m alone but I loved all the art and puzzles and connection to Desmond through the story.

    • BraiQ says:

      you are not alone no worries

    • Anon is No One says:

      The puzzles were kinda annoying.

    • Harish says:

      You’re not alone brov!!! Ezio is the best Assassin✌🏻

    • Rampage Gamingg says:

      Frankly, when brotherhood was the new game. I didnt care for it, but i was like 12. I found brotherhood so much more fun a couple years later right before revelations came out, i decided to play it and loved it. Ac 1,2 brotherhood, revelation, 3, and 4 were all absolutely perfect games. AV Balck Flags was something so damn special. It felt nearly the same with AC 3 cause it was close in style. Black flags just has ALOT more boating than 3 did. Love it.

    • R says:

      The Ezio trilogy was alright, Brotherhood is a decent game, Revelations kinda sucks tho. The Desmond storyline was interesting, I know many people hate it, they dislike the ending, etc.. but I like the meta narrative, they used the “Mayan Armageddon” as the background, AC3 was released in 2012, the supposed “end of the world” as “predicted” by the Maya, Desmond saved us, lol it’s dumb, but 2012 was an idiotic year and Ubisof was snarky to use that narrative in their games. Nowadays this kind of stunt would be impossible, considering how long these kind of sandboxes are developed. So I like the Desmond shenanigans, a waste we never truly had a fully fledged AC game in modern times (Watch Dogs is basically that, but his game sucks)

  8. Gumpy says:

    Damn. If they had given this one a well-written linear story I could definitely see it landing. Shame.

    • Jonathan Robinson says:

      Unfortunately Ubisoft has completely lost any ability to write dialogue and characters that aren’t corny as fuck and impossible to take seriously. I don’t think it would make that much of a difference if the games were linear because I don’t think they have it in them to write anything worthwhile anymore.

    • Protski F says:

      @Jonathan Robinsonthat’s more an industry problem too, good writers are becoming rare

    • tj says:

      Yeah. What’s the last AC game that had a great story? Black Flag? Everything up to it (AC1, Ezio Trilogy and AC3) was great. Unity and Origins were decent, but someone disappointing. Odyssey, Syndicate and Valhalla makes me want to scream how bad they are.

    • Bearded Lonewolf says:

      Linear story is boring and short one and done, it’s not popular at all, except for moms at home and dads drinking coffee.
      This is not what AC is.

    • Jonathan Robinson says:

      @Bearded Lonewolf tell me you only got into AC starting with Origins without telling me you only got into AC starting with Origins

  9. gtabro says:

    I don’t know how you did it but your footage is THE CLEANEST of all reviews, including the big outlets. A joy to watch.

  10. Breno Lelis says:

    17:50 It wasn’t like this in the old games at all, Altair was a full fledged warrior, Ezio learned to be and every assassin since 3 was a killing machine. In mirage it just seems they had no time and tried to implement the RPG-esque combat but featureless, the old games had beautiful animations in the battles and interesting mechanics attached to it.

    • Solid Snake says:

      In 1 we take down an entire army with Altair in combat😂

    • itizwhatitiz says:

      It’s still like this. On Normal difficulty you can easily smash through enemies, especially with Assassin Focus, while on Hard it rewards a safe stealth play over combat. I don’t find the problem in that.

    • King Dough Productions says:

      Right? Chain kills were so satisfying along with many kill animations

    • Frigid Heights says:

      massive missed opportunity to not go back to the classic brawler style combat for this game. the RPG hack and slash combat with the RPG parkour feels so out of place in a “back to roots” game.

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