Minecraft Live 2023: Vote for the armadillo!

Minecraft Live 2023: Vote for the armadillo!

Is that a block that Tiny Jens has bumped into? No, it’s the armadillo, one of the three new mobs that wants to join Minecraft! The armadillo lives in the savannah biome. If you startle the armadillo, it will curl up into a blocky ball! The armadillo also drops a scute that you can use to craft a new type of armor, wolf armor! Which will give your pet wolf some extra protection.  
Vote for your favorite mob from October 13 at 5 pm UTC via the Minecraft: Bedrock Edition event server, the Minecraft Launcher, or on Minecraft.net! Voting is open for just over 48 hours, and closes 15 minutes after the show starts. The winner of the mob vote will be announced at Minecraft  Live, so grab your snacks and get ready to tune into the show on October 15, from 5 pm UTC!

Learn more at https://www.minecraft.net

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41 Responses

  1. DisgustingApple says:

    Respect for Jeb to travel on land with a boat for 2 days

  2. Happy_AlexRO says:

    “Armor for the wolf”. If this mob wins, I would probably let my dogs come with me in adventures instead of staying stuck in the house!

  3. David Eradze says:

    PLEASE add this even if it doesn’t win the mob vote! Savannas need some love, and this will make it a lot better!

  4. ThunderingOak says:


  5. Warforrest says:

    A new mob for a biome that doesn’t have many unique mobs AND armor for dogs this is pretty cool!

  6. DaBigFreeze says:

    Think about this, with wolf armour you can actually take your wolf out on adventures instead of leaving it in your treasure room.

  7. TheOGFish says:

    I’m taking a wild guess right now…
    Third mob will be platypus.

  8. Unofficial Studios says:

    I wonder if you’ll be able to upgrade the amour for your dog later on and dye it different colors too!

    • Cheerful_VR says:

      Maybe enchantments or you are able to add different materials to the armor

    • Swizzamane says:

      as if. Armadillo, meaning the armour will be LEATHER. If they wanted CRAFTABLE pet armor, we’d have gotten CRAFTABLE HORSE ARMOR by now.
      Dyeing could be an option, but IF SO, I’d ONLY see it being added to Better Together, since Java doesnt have coloring wash basins (dye in cauldrons).
      Besides, armor for a pet that is EASILY breedable, with a harvest mechanic and crafting that is as outdated as Turtle Helmets (which no one EVER uses), will NEVER get used. People will innevitably complain about HOW LONG and ANNOYING it is to get Armadillo Scute (as was done with Turtle Scute)

  9. Brenydog says:

    It would be really cool if you could put armour trims on your dog with the armadillo scute

  10. L M says:

    Unless the third choice blows me away, this is the one I’m voting for, I’m all for more things for wolves and the armadillo is super cute!

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