Why Nobody Wants This Part of Africa

Why Nobody Wants This Part of Africa

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37 Responses

  1. RealLifeLore says:

    Alright like this comment if you think I should go and make a claim to Bir Tawil. And leave a comment if you’d like to challenge me with your own claim, I dare you!

  2. slimee88 says:

    RLL: “This little plot of land in the middle of Africa that no one wants to claim”
    Me: “Its the British isn’t it?”

  3. Aubrey S. says:

    “There ain’t nothin’ more important than my daughter’s happiness” – Jay Foreman, in an impressively thick American accent

    • New American Fishkeeper says:

      @PSYCHOTROPIC STORM – MUSIC Well, linguists have determined Midwestern American English to be the most standard, understandable, clear form of the language, and that’s why they used people from this area as radio operators and such in WW2. Here in St.Louis, Missouri, our WW2 museum has a whole section about that.

    • chip skylark says:

      @PSYCHOTROPIC STORM – MUSIC hahahah it happens to everyone 👌👌

    • Matthew Desrochers says:

      Hey if you made it this far to read that full argument to torment yourself, you deserve a special treat. So do yourself a favor and go subscribe to Jay Foreman. Man’s a fucking genius.

    • Lief Nova says:

      @PSYCHOTROPIC STORM – MUSIC lol You know there are dozens of American accents, right? Just saying “American” doesn’t mean much.

    • TheNoodle Dragon says:

      @Nick Cooper I think they mean country

  4. zen strata says:

    If anyone built it up successfully and made it valuable, a local country would come and take it over.

    • America_113 says:

      Thats why you get a military/Military infrastructure first and civilian infrastructure second. And don’t worry about equipment a certain Middle Eastern country is selling some old american stuff right now

  5. Sullen Secret says:

    Me: Nah, he wouldn’t make that a segway to the sponsor. That’s just silly.
    RealLifeLore: “…and the best place to get some of that is over at Made In.”

  6. Johnny Racer says:

    Beer to wheel: exists
    Everyone: It’s free real estate.

  7. Backpacker Ben says:

    China will 100% build hotels and casinos on that desert wasteland in the next 3 years

  8. Josh Smith says:

    “An American dad from Virginia” sounds about right for Stan lol.

  9. Zrebbesh says:

    Okay, this is where the people who want to start a Mars colony need to go to demonstrate their basic technical competence. If you can survive on Mars, colonizing Bir Tawil ought to be a piece of cake.

  10. Mouad Chaiabi says:

    “It all started with some British dude drawing up arbitrary borders.”

    How many times do I have to read/hear this?

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