ROBOFORMING: The Future of Metalworking? (I Had NO IDEA This Was Possible) – Smarter Every Day 290

ROBOFORMING: The Future of Metalworking? (I Had NO IDEA This Was Possible) – Smarter Every Day 290

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28 Responses

  1. SmarterEveryDay says:

    The Manufacturing Series is AWESOME. If you like awesome things and hate spam, you can sign up for the email list here::

  2. Johnny says:

    Really liked seeing the CEO and employees explaining their work with pride.
    This was very impressive

    • Adrian Ransier says:

      The “employee” is the enginerd that makes everything happen, the other two are moneymen.

    • Difinoxyd says:

      @Adrian Ransier Did you not watch the video ? One of the cofounder has a PhD in materials engineering and the CEO clearly has a deep understanding of the whole process.

    • G says:

      The smile on their faces when their collaborator was explaining things says a lot.

    • TheGorf says:

      And big kudos to Machina Labs for sharing this. IP is such a big deal in these shops.

    • Feedback ZA Loop says:

      @Difinoxyd yeah, PhD in material is nowhere near applied robotics. And that copy-paste talk of pottery but planar gives a hint the engineer had to explain it to his boss first and that was all he remembered.

  3. aboriani says:

    One thing that really struck me is that Destin, in all these years, never lost that spark, that curiosity and joy about discovering new stuff. Keep it up man, you are a permanent part of my internet.

    • Repent and believe in Jesus Christ says:

      Repent to Jesus Christ “In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans.”
      ‭‭Romans‬ ‭8‬:‭26‬ ‭NIV‬‬

    • luvincste says:

      in fact, this is the kind of person that i want to explain me stuff, one that is enthusiastic about it

    • mtl10 says:

      The moment at 26:58 and Destin’s reaction is priceless. It made me smile so much because I know that feeling and he expresses it perfectly

  4. thedarkknight1971 says:

    Being a 52 year old ‘Grumpy Brit Git’ (lol) Electro/Mechanical Engineer myself, I’ve been watching Destins videos for years with much fascination. And I just LOVE the idea that Destin is going to all these factories and plants to explain what’s going on in a fun way, not just to entertain us with enjoyable content, but, like he’s done for all these years…. To hopefully help the younger generations learn the wonders of engineering & manufacture so we get new electricians, mechanics, engineers, programmers and many more besides into the associated industries. I simply CANNOT commend you enough Destin! You’re a top notch fella! 👌👍
    If you think about it… This is the thoroughly modern take on an ‘English Wheel’ (two varying sized rollers ‘Pinching’ sheet Aluminium & steel a craftsman uses to make hand made car (and other) body shells)…

    • Jerry Long says:

      I was thinking of it more as very precise hammer on dolly. Or maybe progressive bead rolling.
      It is fascinating nonetheless.
      Greetings from very close to the geographic center of the USA, from an American “Boomer”

  5. A Glimpse Inside says:

    I love it that Destin hears a process and says oh that’s hard, and they answer back with oh man it’s fun. That’s awesome.

  6. Rob Law says:

    So refreshing to hear a CEO understand his business as deeply as any of his colleagues. His displays of respect for Newton feel genuine 😀

  7. P A says:

    As a lowly technician, it was really heartwarming to see one of the founders allow the automation engineer to take and keep the stage.

    Another marvelous production!

  8. Steeldriver says:

    As an automation engineer, nothing gets me more giddy than installing a new robot.

    • codyoftheinternet says:


    • [augustobob] says:

      As an automation technician, noting gets me more giddy than fixing any robot

    • Rich Mahogany says:

      What does a person normally study to design and implement these elaborate automated factory lines? they’re everywhere these days and make most of our stuff, but I’ve never seen automation engineering as a major in school, seems like a cross between mechanical and electrical engineering?

    • stepchild says:

      Right big big box my old shop is being upgraded 24 new machines an its somethin watching it all come together

  9. Ronin.R6S says:

    Shout out to Ed for really giving us all an in-depth lesson in how their technology works. It is truly amazing!

  10. Sir Uncle Ned says:

    It’s nice to see people in these facilities able to properly geek out about the processes and machines. I love that you were able to show this new world to us.

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