Your Scumbag Dad – Fun Nerf War with Kommanderkarl

Your Scumbag Dad – Fun Nerf War with Kommanderkarl

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37 Responses

  1. Eddie got hit by a buss says:

    Literally everyone is trying to keep the child’s innocence and I love it

  2. Scumbag Dad says:

    Everyone follow KommanderKarl on YouTube.

  3. DeliKween 9 says:

    I still feel bad about spilling his strawberry sundae gift 🙁

  4. Vanitas Kaneki606 says:

    It’s crazy how good the son is at everything he just doesn’t understand what’s happening

  5. Milkb4cereal says:

    We all must protect this child’s innocence and if anyone threatens that innocence we’re gonna have a really big nerf war

  6. SparkyZ says:

    They should make scumbag dad a Netflix original series

  7. geoeg jmot says:

    Damn, they don’t even blame the kid, they understand the child.

  8. Hello says:

    KammanderKarl is a pretty chill guy ngl, I wouldn’t have been as chill about it if someone spilled my sundae all over me

  9. smartaleckduck says:

    My personal theory is that the kid knows exactly what’s going on, and just knows that if he acts like he’s innocent he’ll get off on the defense of ignorance

  10. Existence With Kai The Cheezit!♡ says:

    This series evolved, he has such empathy for the child now.

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