I Got Hunted By 1000 Chickens!

I Got Hunted By 1000 Chickens!

Fundy, Sapnap, and I have to beat Minecraft but there are 1,000 killer chickens hunting us the whole time! This video was so much fun to film, so I hope you enjoy it!


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41 Responses

  1. Yizzy says:

    Claim your “here within an hour” ticket right here

  2. Mistyhxrison says:

    Fundy: “How are you doing Karl”
    Karl: *Casually watches chickens burn*

  3. Fiona L. says:

    Sapnap: taking over the video
    Fundy: terrified
    Karl: **chuckles** I’m in danger.

  4. the guy says:

    Sapnap: asks fundy to help him

    Also sapnap: throws exploding eggs at fundy

  5. Elaida Rush says:

    Karl: *exists*
    chickens: lets target Karl
    Fundy: *leaves Karl behind*
    sapnap: *has zero faith in karl*
    Karl: ItS mY vIdEo
    Fundy, Sapnap and chickens: *continius to bully Karl*

  6. Michele Bocox says:

    Fundy: don’t worry karl I’ll help you
    Karl: jumps and runs away”

  7. rip says:

    Karl uploads make my day so much better

  8. ✨Adri Init✨ says:

    Sapnap: “Can I get a oh yeah”
    Karl: “No”
    Fundy: OH YEAHH

  9. Super Hrnek says:

    Theory: Karl didn’t die. He purposefully gave up on his life to save all the chickens because he is ✨ wholesome✨ like no other.

  10. Peep little blueberry says:

    Sapnap and fundy: “working together and panicking”

    Karl: *chill*

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