100 Games – [Minecraft Bedwars]

100 Games – [Minecraft Bedwars]

In this video, Luke TheNotable will play 100 Games of Minecraft Bedwars. This Minecraft minigame is one of the most popular in existence. Watch him try to god bridge and butterfly click his way to victory!

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35 Responses

  1. Luke TheNotable says:

    Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss the next one!
    100 Games – [Minecraft Build Battles]

  2. PleaseFight says:

    Great Editing! Love your content… Keep it up!

  3. hussi06 says:

    Tips for next Episode: a good mouse is not everything, you should practice pvp things like W-tapping and probably use a texturepack. But I am really impressed by the way you took all those losses, I would’ve rage quitted a lot of times in that time. Also you should definitely play on 1.8.9 Minecraft Version because Bedwars is made for 1.8.9, this makes pvp (sword combat) a little easier.

  4. DiegoOcelot says:

    As a 500 star bedwars sweat, this was both hilarious and painful to watch, I would recommend always having a finger on W and using a sprint key, it will allow you to hit players much easier and you won’t be comboed as much. But still, a very entertaining video would love to see more bedwars content.

    • The Only Joke Here Is Me says:

      No thanks I have friends and a life

    • DC INC CO says:

      Agreed. So painful.

    • Bong Productions says:

      @DiegoOcelot uh that doesnt happen normally but its probably becuz they suck at strafing and aiming but cps isnt everything it only reduces kb

    • Bong Productions says:

      @Remnant its called CPS the more cps the less kb meaning the easier u can combo low cps combos u have to have really good ping like better than theirs by a fair margin

  5. Thomas Darrington says:

    “I forgot to enchant my sword with reach 5” -LTN
    “I got smashed between 2 men… that would’ve been good if I was your mom”-LTN

  6. Butterandmilkk says:

    These 100 drops spin offs are always so good

  7. Moonlight says:

    I’m glad luke always has fun making these videos, the 100 days videos are so good!

  8. Isaagamer plays says:

    If you ever do this kind of thing on hypixel again, please play on 1.8. The experience is so much better and your performance will be improved.

  9. Anngle says:

    I can watch luke do the most annoying thing in bedwars, win, and I’ll still be proud

  10. Tony Bernard says:

    I would highly suggest sprinting while you fight bc you deal more knockback and it can sometimes help with those cases where it seems like you can reach. W tapping also helps, but takes a bit of time to learn. It’s best to keep the momentum after you hit someone, instead of backing off after every hit. Also a great bedwars strategy if you don’t like melee as much is to just use a knockback stick and use the sprint and w tapping to deal as much knockback as possible. This really helps when you don’t want to actually fight someone.

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