We Need to Talk About Miquella

We Need to Talk About Miquella

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00:00 Intro
00:35 Chapter I: Born Afflicted
05:08 Chapter II: Miquella, the Fundamentalist
11:02 Chapter III: Miquella, the Unalloyed
16:51 Chapter IV: Miquella of the Haligtree
24:27 Chapter V: Lord Miquella of the Eclipse
32:17 Chapter VI: St. Trina of the Cradlesong
36:39 Chapter VII: Miquella’s Promise
40:05 Chapter VIII: Mohg’s Promise

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40 Responses

  1. KimeriX says:

    The one thing I truly hate is how you can’t tell Malenia that you have found Miquella.

    (edit: i in Mique name)

    • MrPronGogh93 says:

      @joshua kim tying an epic boss fight to a secondary and hidden place you can very much forget about, because the first clue is set up 40 or more gameplay hours before… it’s the same on my book

    • Romil says:

      @MDJM lmao “Mohg isn’t going back to prison” is a hilarious sentence
      But then why does he act like he’s just welcoming you as his honored guest? If you got there, that means you gained the Lord of Blood’s Favor, so he has no reason to believe you want to return Miquella to the Haligtree. Which you don’t even do anyway

    • MDJM says:

      @Romil I mean, you just found him emerging from the bloodied cocoon where his half brother and eternal child is sleeping. Mohg isn’t going back to prison.

    • ninja hattori says:


    • Familien Klokager says:

      Agreed like bruh she misses him so much so why cant we just tell her😢

  2. Nathan Wilens says:

    The Castle Sol ritual didn’t work because Radahn was blocking the movement of the stars. This is why Malenia battled him, at Miquella’s command. But the plan failed because Mohg attacked the Haligtree while Malenia was absent and unable to defend Miquella.

  3. Barun Majumdar says:

    For DLC I imagine us entering Miquella’s Dream which is this ideal version of the Lands Between he envisioned. At first Miquella is a friendly NPC but as we progress in the story the influence of the Formless Mother starts to show. The world starts to become this twisted interpretation of Miquella’s dream. Ultimately, fighting a broken, corrupted Miquella. Bringing him back to his senses and passing on his dream to us before he perishes or accepting his twisted reality as the future.

    Edit: And maybe he can get us the fabled Saving Melina by using the frenzied flame without becoming the Lord of the Frenzied Flame Ending.

  4. Juliet Hillman says:

    It’s really amazing how consistent these games are. Miquella is clearly the aesthetic/thematic successor to Lothric and Gwyndolin, and that description of the Golden Epitaph with “O brother, lord brother, please die a true death” immediately reminded me of Lothric’s “O dear brother… rise, if you would, for that is our curse” in that case preventing a true death, but in both cases a pair of cursed siblings, one small and magical, the other large and martial despite physical impairment.

    • Juliet Hillman says:

      @Karl Wikman That’s a great point tbh!

    • Karl Wikman says:

      Excuse you, Morgott is the thematic suvcessir to Gwyndolin. Both were born with traits not desireable for their society, both became the hidden rules of the religious regime thst shunned them, both look down on The undead or tarnished, and both command dark knights

  5. zanzibawr says:

    This video just made me want to know more about godwyn the golden. Nearly all important characters and their stories are heavily related to him. I hope more about him is explored in future dlc.

    • Al Fall Doot says:

      Godwyn just screams DLC boss to me, I can literally envision a boss fight with him in my head already. It could be a memory like the Sir Alonne boss fight or maybe we could even go back and time and fight him directly.

  6. Unfunny says:

    FORTY-SEVEN MINUTES OF MIQUELLA LORE? Vaati, you have blessed us. Mohg is foaming at the mouth.

  7. Dion Ehrat says:

    You know, Loretta’s shield resembles a not fully opened flower of the Amorphophallus titanum. A flower that imitates the looks and smell of rotting flesh to lure in flies for pollination. They’re closely related to Zantedeschia or Calla which grow everywhere inside the Haligtree and especially in Malenia’s boss arena. Callas are also a symbol for Immortality! :3 I love the symbolism here so much!

  8. Alan Tremonti says:

    It’s so great how you seem very happy to give artists and creators a platform atop your own. Loving these deep-dives alongside the shorts.

  9. sirflimflam says:

    The story of Miquella and Malenia breaks my heart. It was the single most element of the lore that truly captivated me, and it’s a shame a lot of the more intricate details were left on the cutting room floor. I’m still holding out hope for some expansion down the line.

    • Corvidae Gudmund says:

      I know. Imagine being able to finally save a major character, instead of having to put them down or lose them due to quest scripting. It would depend on how they wrote Miquella’s personality, of course. And still be bitter sweet unless they introduce a way to ally with Malenia. I would love a major clean win to add to the smaller ones. Plus I’m a little tired of “cool boss with epic lore, too bad your only meeting is an instant fight to the death.” For instance, I would have loved to have a full conversation with Godfrey or Margit.
      Edited for wrong names.😅

    • Grean Been says:

      Hopefully they just decided not to tackle it until dlc

  10. DJ Yung Hoxha says:

    Something I haven’t seen a lot of people mention is the fact that both Miquella and Malenia are clear homages to Griffith, both in their own way. Malenia obviously represents the Hawk of the Battlefield, the undefeated warrior who always comes out on top, no matter how unlikely the situation. She is graceful and deadly, just like Griffith. But i feel Miquella represents the later, post-rebirth Griffith, the Hawk of Light. His desire to unify both light and dark, to build a sanctuary for everyone and to become the Absolute. He is gifted with the ability to inspire utter devotion in his subjects, and make them do everything to achieve his dream. There are a bunch of little references all over the place but the strong focus on dreams in relation to Miquella is probably what sells it for me. And perhaps, just like with Griffith, Miquella’s dream might end up a horrible nightmare.

    • sam smart says:

      “And perhaps, just like with Griffith, Miquella’s dream might end up a horrible nightmare”
      as Miyazaki’s worlds don’t have happy end so it’s likely.

    • Asta says:

      @Christopher Lyndsay like which characters follows?

    • Bel el Escabel says:

      @DreamskyDance Pretty much, Griffith is the epitome of selfishness and not caring at all about sacrificing the rest of the world for his own self-absorbed goals. Nothing is sacred to him, there is no redeeming quality in his morals or ideals, not even a generous “if all are dead, all are at peace” approach. He literally does not care a single bit about the rest of existence, and only somewhat acknowledges Guts in the pettiest way possible.

    • DreamskyDance says:

      Didnt read or watched Berserk but i know the outlines of the story… Wasn’t Griffith basically a piece of s…t ? I mean as i said dont know the story in details, but what i heard is that basically the dung eater is somewhat a better and more honorable person than him.

      Should watch it thou, i think i saw it is available on Netflix the other day…

    • Semilegal Alien says:

      @Anakin Skywalker Ghost more like, Hidetaka Miyazaki trying not to reference Berserk in any shape or form in his games challenge (IMPOSSIBLE)

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