1000 IQ LEGO Tricks

1000 IQ LEGO Tricks

In this video I show off 22 of the most 1000 IQ Lego Tricks that will make you a better builder. A lot of these will surprise you and video gets better as it goes on. Also did you complete the challenge?

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Hand Ninja Star: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnxnBI8itbg&t=269s
Boat Bookshelf: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Seyrhmuhe9w
Minifig Kicking: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07Ktt4H-nJ0

Camera: Nikon d3300/iPhone13
Tripod: Magnus vt-300
Mic: hyper x quadcast
Editor: Final Cut Pro X

If your wondering what this is, its jumbled up keywords:

This is a LEGO Time-Lapse Speed Build showcase.Not LEGO Spider-Man Vs Doctor Octopus Bridge Battle No Way Home, Lego Spiderman, lego youtube shorts, lego Spiderman shorts, youtube shorts, LEGO Spiderman MOC, LEGO Spiderman 2, LEGO The amazing Spiderman vs rhino. A massive LEGO Star Wars Timelapse MOC is not the same thing. This is also not A LEGO Star Wars Stop Motion or a LEGO Avengers Stop Motion, or a LEGO Cobra Kai Fight Stop Motion. LEGO Tutorials are great but this is a Custom MOC Showcase from Cobra Kai and is not a custom showcase from LEGO Super Mario Custom Expansion Pass, Massive LEGO Star Wars Hoth MOC, Massive LEGO City MOC Timelapse or anything else, LEGO Spider-Man Vs Doctor Octopus Bridge Battle No Way Home, lego,lego moc,lego Spiderman into the spider verse,lego into the spider verse,Miles Morales VS Kingpin LEGO!,Lego Sam Rami Spiderman,LEGo Tom Holland Spiderman,LEGO Andrew Garfield Spiderman,LEGO Tobey Maguire Spiderman,LEGO Dok Ock,LEGO Kingping,Lego Miles Morales,LEGO Into the Spider Verse 2,LEGO Into the spider verse lego moc,Lego moc Spiderman into the spiderverse,Spider-Man into the SpiderVerse lego,LEGo Spiderman,LEGO Spiderman No Way Home,LEGO Batman, doctor strange and the multiverse of madness, lego spiderman the lizard, lego spiderman rhino, lego spiderman sandman, lego spiderman dr ock, lego spiderman kraven the hunter, lego spiderman kingpin, lego spiderman green goblin

#lego #legomeme #legotechniques #1000iq

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33 Responses

  1. SacredBricks says:

    Good morning. Comment which of these tricks is your favorite

  2. TD BRICKS says:

    So many ideas all in one video! I’m in love with the weekly uploads dude

  3. FNaFMemes says:

    The blinds and floating stairs are my personal favorites! I love your channel and your builds! 🤩

  4. 3D Printer Academy says:

    The part at 8:01 was really cool!

  5. Blahbert says:

    Wow great video. Good luck growing you videos are going crazy

  6. Lego warrior inc. says:

    I think everyone needs to appreciate how much effort sacred puts in these videos for us to enjoy shrek memes

  7. Ee Man says:

    sacred keeps surprising me with his build tricks and content keep up the good work sacred!

  8. Super Ramtin says:

    As a brickfilmer, that last IS REALLY HELPFUL! Thank you for the tips, and awesome video!!

  9. Weird Brick Builds says:

    The boat/bookshelf design is amazing. Great job!

  10. Austin L says:

    Another trick you can try with the minifig legs is connect a 2-2 plate to the torso of a minifig, get some dismembered legs that match the colour of the 2-2, place the minifig in the corner of a room, with the legs, in front of it, position the arms to point outwards like its holding the legs, give it a scared expression, and there you have a minifig trembling in a corner.

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