118 days later…

118 days later…

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27 Responses

  1. JustFanum says:

    Glad to be back in motion !! Ya thought I was gon stay away from ya ?? buggin 😂the troupe is 4eva !! Always remember, HEALTH is WEALTH! follow me on Twitch for a surprise livestream at any given moment https://www.twitch.tv/fanumtv WE BACK U BEAUTIFUL BASTARDS !! 💥

  2. JiDion says:

    Fanum please upload daily you should’ve been and had that milli 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿 great to have you back❤️

  3. Based Chiko says:

    Glad to see you back n in good spirits bro.

  4. AfroLogan says:

    this is literallly the greatest thing I’ve seen in a while. Nothing but straight motivation and good vibes from this, even in his down moments he gave us gems bruh, we appreciate you gangy, and we glad you back, welcome!!!

  5. itswhatever says:

    This is honestly the most human thing I’ve seen on yt bro. I felt this so much. Been in that for a while now and finally realised my worth and I’ve distanced myself from a lot of people. Because I realised being alone is actually better than staying in the spot I was. Kind of comforting knowing someone feel kind of how I feel. You can lose people and replace people, but don’t lose yourself.

  6. D. K. says:

    Wow I identified with this so much Fanum. I’ve been in a depressive state for a couple of years now but a full fledged depression I would say around the time I finished college last spring. It was a rough period and I’m not where I want to be, been battling myself for a while. It’s almost like the world and time was moving but I was still stuck in last year. Like the world I grew cold, I changed and didn’t even know who I was anymore. But one thing you said in this really stuck out to me, “stop playing with your potential.” Regardless of my past failures my future is still bright and I gotta stop doubting that, just push forward and leave the past in the past. I also find it hard to fw people that I know in my soul aren’t genuine which makes me carry huge burdens of resentment making it extremely hard for me to trust. I peeped lots of fake friends who enjoy seeing me struggling but I believe that one day I’ll find my people. Anyways I’m glad you’re doing alright and took the time you needed to recharge; maybe I will be able to do the same soon and not feel totally guilty about it. I’m most definitely saving this in my favorite for future references cause I know I will be revisiting this lol. Stay elevated my dawg, love. 💯🖤

    • PopDeeGoat says:

      definitely the right ones out there, sending prayers bro, hope you get better genuinely and make it for yourself, not anybody else. Love bro!

  7. coolkidfrmbx says:

    This made me happy bro. Glad to have you back you’ve been missed gang!!

  8. FrontoLeaf says:

    This hit me hard af & I hate how much I overthink but to know that I’m not alone helps, Thank you Fanum

  9. WhY NoT VpJ says:

    Really been feeling a similar way bro, “apply the same energy people give to you’’ because ultimately you have your self at the end. Also be good to the people that are good to you💯-appreciate you Fanum takes courage to talk about what your going through most people aren’t built like that✊🏽💯

  10. Lil Chris Tv says:

    Fanum I just really wanna thank you for this video I’m glad your back I can tell that you are back genuinely happy broski keep that mental strong my guy you losing weight to fam I see it keep it up all love but from you to rage to Bruce to the whole amp basically everybody y’all helped through a huge situation I was depressed for a couple years because I got into a certain situation and stopped posting irl content and deleted all the vids and started gaming but I think this vid made me consider going back to irl content it’s like I was hiding from everybody but I wasn’t people wasn’t calling to see if I was good or nothing nobody checked on me but people in my household and one friend and that’s it but I really enjoy your streams Brodie it’s a lot more but I’m not gonna speak into everything but thank you fanum we love you🖤🤍

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