Surprising Camari with $12000 and the iphone 15 at her birthday party

Surprising Camari with $12000 and the iphone 15 at her birthday party

After all the things that happened somehow I still Surprised Camari with $12000 and the iPhone 15 at her birthday party in front of all her friends!


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  1. T SIX-SIX says:

    Just looking at the joy on her face is all that matters. Keep up the good work Bro 💯

  2. Teresa carey 1 says:

    I love it!!!! Camari is getting what she always deserves!!! It’s nothing like being celebrated!!! It warms my heart to see the twins being able to celebrate with their family !


    Camari is getting everything that she deserves. I’m so proud of her parents leaving the past in the past and moving forward and putting the child’s needs first. I love yall

  4. Michelle Hyatt says:

    I’m just loving Camari finally getting to live the life she always deserved from her daddy. This is healing a lot of trauma for her.❤️ HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAMARI!

  5. Happy Days x says:

    The way the twins ran to Lexi & Robin & gave them both a warm embrace. That was so beautiful to see. ❤

  6. Sexylexie321 says:

    You can tell the twins love, Lexie and her mom there’s no denying it 🥰🥰🥰

  7. Happy black woman says:

    Lexi is such a breath of fresh air. She literally is no drama, gets along with the OG baby mama, and loves ALL Cj’s kids!

  8. Chris Cobbs says:

    Happy birthday camari…. She had everyone she needed at that party, family & friends…. Good job my dude… Still praying for you bro…. Stay up champ…

  9. Jackie G. says:

    Im so happy for Camari this was well deserved

  10. Balloutgeorge says:

    Y’all seen how he dropped everything when his kids came that shows a lot keep up the good work

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