15 Marvelous Secrets in Elden Ring!

15 Marvelous Secrets in Elden Ring!

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►Special thanks to @SekiroDubi for making me aware of the 1.0 Guilty Hood description
►Check out /u/Groomgrim’s post on the Erdtree Sentinels: https://www.reddit.com/r/Eldenring/comments/z6pvrg/funfact_tree_sentinels_chain_themself_with_their/
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►Watch Quelaag’s fantastic video about Bell Bearings: https://www.tiktok.com/@xingenue/video/7203093270770076970?lang=en
►Watch Diddykolo’s original video regarding the Weeping Angel https://twitter.com/thetraumaqueen7/status/1611140594172301312?s=46&t=mcXmCHBK-29SprWeBIqAYQ
►Watch Shieldscuff’s short about the stranded graveyard pit https://www.youtube.com/shorts/5OwMmZrI4Lw
►Watch Steelovsky’s video on perfect block tech: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86UtinOyThg
►Watch JeeNiNe’s video on perfect block tech: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6mPVYVNYeIk

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00:00 You can kill Melina at the start of the game
01:16 Cross my heart and hope to die
01:59 Why do the mausoleum knights have that armor?
03:32 Is Radagon the Cuckoo?
06:02 Who are the hanging bodies in Limgrave?
06:50 Why can’t you dismount the Erdtree Sentinels?
07:27 What is the hardest enemy in Elden Ring?
08:04 What’s the best way to Rune Farm?
09:18 These golems won’t attack you
09:33 Why are they called Bell Bearings?
12:03 This statue moves its head when your back is turned
13:03 What happens after the tutorial?
15:31 How to Sekiro-parry in Elden Ring
17:25 Elden Ring is tiring work
18:50 Where do Rennala’s children come from?
19:20 Official Elden Ring Displates!

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42 Responses

  1. VaatiVidya says:

    Prepare to Cry next week!

  2. Ian K says:

    Cool little detail I just noticed on my latest playthrough: outside Seethewater Cave in Mount Gelmir is a single sentry with a torchpole. When you first find them they are sitting staring at a Miquella’s Lily. When you pick the lily (and it doesn’t respawn) the enemy now stands and stares off into the distance. It actually made me feel a little bad for taking it away from the sentry.

  3. KaosRaven87 says:

    The Armored Core music fits Elden Ring surprisingly well. I’m so happy to hear it again. I think I hear a little bit of AC Nexus’ “Shining” in the beginning of Malenia’s fight as well.

  4. Alex Hyena says:

    I remember hearing that in the very final hours of the night, the wandering mausoleums will “Fall asleep” it would have been such a good use for more of the sleep animations if more enemies could be found dozing off at this extremely late time

    • Iceran says:

      @Nenad Milovanovic yeah, but his lazy ass is sleeping all the time, not in a certain hour of the day unfortunately lol

    • Nenad Milovanovic says:

      There is one kaiden warrior who is seemingly asleep in their camp in limgrave. I remember approaching him and he would not aggro until attacked.

  5. Combat Robot says:

    Might be worth noting, regarding how the player ends up in the Stranded Graveyard, that if you manage to beat Grafted Scion and instead get killed by the crumbling cliff past its boss room, you actually *keep* the runes you gained from killing the Scion. It might imply you don’t actually “die”, even if it does play the You Died prompt on the screen. I think it lends credence to the “washed up on shore at high tide” interpretation; you end up falling into the ocean one way or another, and you wash up in the cave on the shore, alive but unconscious.

    • deVoid of Voltz says:

      The entrance to the cave (where one of the dragon amulets is) you awake in is a bit too far from the coast, but it could have been high tide or the alabaster lord camping there could have tossed you in.

  6. Joss Olson says:

    Vaati’s description of the Polish makes it sound like a fantasy kingdom. I’d love to hear him read history as if it were Fromsoft lore.

    • Laino001 says:

      “I love Poland. I wish it was real.” – Vaati probably

    • Alphadron says:

      Honestly, the history of Poland might as well be Fromsoft lore due to how much backstabbing, colossal falls from grace and generally inexplicable bullshit has happened in it.

    • Gamer Rosehip says:

      @mikeshogunlee wait.. sabaton reference?

    • Ben kavin says:

      ​@mikeshogunlee he should to read it in his usuall serious voice, as if hes explaining the lore of Jan Sobieski, Scourge of The Ottomans, and not reading off Sabaton lytics.

    • mikeshogunlee says:

      “and then the Winged Hussars arrived. Coming down the mouton side, coming down they turned the tide.”

  7. Bumblesbounce says:

    It was so wild to see Melina use that Erdtree incantation when I finally summoned her for that fight. Such a cool little detail that not many will witness.

  8. Zurakci says:

    Having “Someone is always moving on the surface” from Armored Core For Answer playing in the background in the opening of the video sends me so many good nostalgic memories.
    This is great.
    Thanks, Vaati!

  9. -TriP- says:

    If you remember the network test, the sleep effect was originally going to be much more powerful, so I’m not surprised they all have sleep animations. I was under the impression they just nerfed it into oblivion after watching people exploiting it.

  10. DifficultGamerz says:

    These videos always feel like a history class, but for Elden Ring lore. Thank you Professor VaatiVidya I shall ace your final.

    • Chance Hollow says:

      @k1xnt_ Broo yess that dude is sickly. So much to learn about the real world from this game as well. I just didn’t see it as definite lore speculation and more environmental story telling

    • Doomed Traveler says:

      @k1xnt _ Unbelievable that they only have 25k subs, their research and elucidations are by far the most insightful content on the Lands Between. Thesis level scholarship.

    • k1xnt _ says:

      ​@Chance Hollow don’t forget Tarnished Archeologist! He actually literally lays out elden rings history through the buildings, roads and statues. It’s insane how thought out this world is

    • Chance Hollow says:

      If you want a history class Check out smoughtown his videos are alot more in depth and honestly where alot of this information comes from with proper citing to the original sources of these theories. Hawkshaw and eredin are very good as well

    • Buster says:

      Fancy seeing you here

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