A Fresh Start on a Beautiful Desert Island! – ARK Survival Ascended [Episode 1]

A Fresh Start on a Beautiful Desert Island! – ARK Survival Ascended [Episode 1]

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A Fresh Start on a Beautiful Desert Island! – ARK Survival Ascended [Episode 1]
W/ SYNTAC #Dinosaurs #arksurvivalascended

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34 Responses

  1. Syntac says:

    New Game, New Series, New Syntac?
    15% Off ARK Servers with Code: Syntac https://nitra.do/Syntac

  2. Chris Segee says:

    I’m glad Syntac was able to get ahold of the advanced quantum computer needed to run this beast

  3. Philbert says:

    The oceans are terrifying. I did the same flying around thing, was curious to see what they were like, went in, went, “NOPE.” and went promptly back to land. I think that’s a future me problem.

  4. Kevin Jackson says:

    This looks amazing. Video games have changed so much. I remember playing first person shooters way back in the day and getting excited over little details like shooting thru a window and hearing glass breaking. Now we have trees swaying in the window, cracking in rocks, baby dinos in the wild, leaves getting removed from fiber harvesting….. its the details that make it awesome.

  5. Heather Wallaert says:

    I am so excited about the baby animals just wandering around. That was something I always wanted.

    • Thomas Devlin says:

      That was a feature in anunaki genesis way back in the day, it always made so much sense but aside from literally two creatures it took years to make it into the base game

  6. ShadKats says:

    It’s so fun watching Syntac gush over everything!

  7. Neko Mishu Hyuny says:

    The excitement for small details is great.😁 At least I know I’m not the only one who almost screams when I see the bushes that are gradually falling😆

  8. Faizel Noorgat says:

    You can do the following:
    – attach the torch to your belt, I think it’s “q”
    – track the crafting requirements as you gather. Can be found if you right click on the blueprint and select “track”

  9. redooper says:

    I havent seen a ark video on trending for a long time. This is going to be a amazing series with the boys!

  10. KurwaUnited says:

    Damn I couldn’t imagine that it would look that damn nice! And the AI for the Dinos is horrifying. Now you aren’t able to feel safe on cliffs and rocks, that’s so amazing! I’m really excited to see what’s new and what else changed. The water was the first I looked at and it looks really awesome. No texture glitches as far I could saw it in this episode.

    Name that little guy Poffle! ❤️

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