Adam finally gets his choccy milk

Adam finally gets his choccy milk


I finally did it. I finally got my god dam choccy milk. It’s been too long. The sweet grace that is the mesh between liquified chocolate, milk secreted from the teat of a cow, and my tastebuds are all finallly coming together in a video just for you. Beautiful day. Beautiful day indeed.

Animated by – SomeThingelseYT
Storyboarded by- @squizzy
Backgrounds by-
Thumbnail by- @Zalinki

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35 Responses

  1. SomeThingElseYT says:

    NEW plushie available here!
    Stay hydrated

  2. Sonic Has Diabetes says:

    This review is incredible, the way Adam explains how choccy milk is made is so inspiring and mesmerizing. He is truly a visionary of our generation.

  3. naywinGalaxyknight D says:

    Finally after years of searching Adam was able to find the choccy milk

  4. RushLight Invader says:

    Do vanilla milk next or SO HELP ME!!

  5. CopperStarToons says:

    Can we all take a moment to admire the smooth animating and epic backround? It’s simple, but so so fun!
    I hope I can animate as well as this one day! 🙂

  6. Myles Spear says:

    Hard to believe this man started animating with Microsoft paint and is now making masterpieces like this. Keep up the great work!

  7. Mossathenium_time says:

    this was beautiful, moving, had a good message and such well thought out dialogue, brought a tear to my eye 😭🥺
    this is true art

  8. Buttered Chocolate says:

    Oh, I’ve had choccy milk before! I’d say it’s quite tasty, it’s kinda like the premium version of milk. Love this review

  9. ElectricDaPunster says:

    The moment we all had been waiting for, admire him for finally getting his choccy milk

    • CCCarebear says:

      @Don’t read my profile photo I did everything I wasn’t supposed to do O- O


      Milk necesitates killing calves (usually after keeping them in a crate for a few months) and cows dont perpetually lactate and are usually impregnated when they are still juveniles and dairy cows still get slaughtered at like 4-6 years old. Try alt milks theyre so good.

    • CopperStarToons says:

      He got it at last! All is well in the universe! 😛

    • FNO_Stats says:


  10. HeyDameHere says:

    This food review was truly life changing. Thank you Adam for inspiring us all

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